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How to protect your home ahead of severe washout


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Terrified Britons have been told how best they can protect themselves and their homes as Storm Babet is set to bring devastating floods to the country.

The advice comes after the Met Office issued a rare, danger-to-life, red storm warning which will bring severe rainfall and wind conditions.

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“Numerous Amber and Yellow rainfall warnings are in place for rainfall over the coming days, up-to and including Saturday, but in the red-warning area 100-150mm of rain is expected to fall quite widely, with some locations possibly seeing 200-220mm, which is expected to cause considerable impacts with flooding likely.”

Affected areas include: East Midlands, East of England, East Scotland, North East England, North West England, South west Scotland, Lothian Borders, West Midlands, Wales, Yorkshire and Humber.


Concerned about the possible impact of storms on your property? If you live in a very high risk area, always check local advice and warnings.

These measures can help prepare your home for storms…

UK weather warning Storm BabetUK weather warning: Storm Babet to smash into BritainWX Charts

Seal windows and doors

“Make sure that every window and door is securely closed,” says Mike Storey, from UK Flat Roofing and Insulation Specialists. “Rain and wind can enter your home through leaks, resulting in water damage and jeopardising the structural integrity of your building.

“To stop draughts and water penetration, seal any gaps or cracks around windows and doors with weather stripping or caulk.”

If you live in a region where severe storms are predicted, Storey suggests installing “storm shutters or impact-resistant windows to guard against flying objects and high winds”.

Man places sandbags in front of his front door

Man places sandbags in front of his front door


Check drains and gutters

To strengthen your home’s resistance to severe weather, checking your drains and gutters is essential.

“Make sure there are no twigs, leaves, or debris in your gutters and downspouts. When it rains heavily, clogged gutters can cause water to overflow and damage your home’s exterior, foundation, or basement,” Storey says. “Check your gutters for leaks or damage. To guarantee appropriate drainage and stop water from entering your home, fix or replace them as needed.”

Stock up on sandbags

Having course or sharp sandbags instead of fine sand bags could help redirect water from your home, according to Leigh Barnes, retail sales manager at Jacksons Fencing.

“This type of sandbag, which absorbs water better instead of getting clogged up, should be placed particularly around entrance ways and ground level patio doors, where natural foot traffic will be coming through,” Barnes says.

However, property flood resilience champion Mary Long-Dhonau, who founded, and has experienced her own home being flooded, believes there are better options than sandbags.

She says: “Flood sacks outside your front door are a good alternative. They are like nappies for giants that can absorb up to 21 litres of water.

“If you want to slow down the ingress of water into your home, you can also use some gaffer tape.”

She adds: “Everyone has wood laying around too, so cutting a piece and putting them around your door frame using silicone sealant that dries very quickly, can get the job done too,”

Man clears drainage ditch ahead of Storm Babet

Man clears drainage ditch ahead of Storm Babet


Pack important things away

“When my home was flooded, I lost so many important things, including the drawings my children use to make in their playgroups. So I would advise packing all those type of things away in plastic boxes in your loft, but if you are in a bungalow, on higher shelves,” says Long-Dhonau.

“You can also put your table legs in wellington boots or milk bottles to keep them in place, and then put your belongings on top of that. Empty all kitchen cupboards too and take everything upstairs. If you have rugs, roll them up. Children’s toys, photographs, pack them all away.”

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