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Ukraine proxy war & Gaza genocide fatally expose Western hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy –


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Ukraine proxy war & Gaza genocide fatally expose Western hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy

Western leaders and institutions have brought themselves into unprecedented disrepute over their complicity in the genocide against the Palestinian people. This is all the more amplified by the NATO proxy war in Ukraine.

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Not only is Western complicity in war crimes exposed but also what is on display to the whole world is the shocking double standards and hypocrisy of the Western leaders. These people are liars, psychopaths and criminals.

What we are witnessing is something profoundly historic: the seminal collapse of Western images of presumed democratic and moral authority.

All across the globe, huge public protests are mounting against the appalling slaughter of civilians in Gaza and the West Bank by Israeli state forces. European and North American cities, including Washington DC, London, Berlin and Paris, are seeing millions of citizens marching in protest, not only against the Israeli state crimes but also – equally important – the depraved culpability of their own governments in facilitating the genocidal destruction underway of the Palestinian people.

The popular outrage is even being expressed by ordinary staffers, diplomats and other workers within governments and parliaments. Protests by workers have blocked ports from shipping Western weapons to Israel. Journalists within Western media corporations are also denouncing the bias of their organizations, complaining – rightly – that the compromised news coverage is aiding and abetting the genocide.


U.S. President Joe Biden and other Western leaders are being heckled in public for their complicity in genocide. Among the protesters are Jewish organizations and individuals who survived the Nazi holocaust.

Adding to the groundswell of public anger is the reactionary response of Western institutions claiming that protests are illegitimate. The authorities have tried – and failed – to ban marches based on the reprehensible claim that the protesters are terrorist sympathizers and anti-semitic. Such smearing of millions of ordinary citizens who have mobilized to condemn genocide is only further incensing contempt towards Western governments and media.

In Gaza, the barbaric and heinous mass killing of civilians – mainly women and children – has been continuing for more than four weeks, non-stop. The trigger event on October 7 which saw the Palestinian militant group Hamas kill hundreds of Israelis is completely disproportionate to the genocide that has followed. Over 40,000 Palestinian civilians have been reportedly murdered or maimed. An entire population of 2.3 million is subjected to atrocious collective punishment  in the blockaded territory. The killing of children by Israeli bombardment using US and NATO weapons is particularly horrifying.

The United States, the European Union, NATO and the G7 have all refused to call for a ceasefire to the slaughter. They have instead urged “humanitarian pauses”, which the Israeli regime of Benjamin Netanyahu has lately conceded – no doubt under pressure from Western leaders fearing a revolt among their populations. But such pathetically paltry “pauses” only layer insult upon injury.

The whole world, including Russia and China and the vast majority of the United Nations, is demanding an immediate end to the mass murder of innocent people. Not meaningless “pauses” for rearming and further cycles of killing. There is a renewed, strenuous call across the globe for historic justice for the Palestinian people who have endured decades of vile occupation and aggression from the Zionist regime enabled by Western governments.

American weapons – paid for by American taxpayers and indirectly by the rest of the world due to the privileged US dollar racket – are being used to perpetrate the annihilation of civilians in Gaza. And the US government intends to increase the supply of killing machines with $14 billion in additional aid. Biden’s White House and the Pentagon brazenly say there are no red lines for restraining how Israel uses the American firepower. Already, some 25,000 tonnes of explosives have been dropped on Gaza which is equivalent to the force of two A-bombs that the US hit Hiroshima with in August 1945.

Assembled in the region is a formidable armada of US and other NATO warships, including nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. Given the official position of the US and NATO governments of supporting Israel – under the bogus claim of its “right to self-defense – it is inescapably evident that the Western powers are fully backing the genocide. This abominable policy is blatantly clear to Western citizens and the whole world.

The hypocrisy and duplicity of Western leaders, their governments and their media are being condemned for the war criminals that they are. Only a few months ago, these same Western charlatans were denouncing Russia for alleged war crimes in Ukraine. Biden, Von der Leyen, Scholz, Macron and Sunak, and other Western leaders, were making pious sermons about alleged Russian crimes against Ukraine – even though in reality that war was instigated by NATO weaponizing and supporting a Nazi regime in Kiev.

Now that Russia has largely defeated the NATO-backed Kiev regime there is hardly a mention of the war in Western media or by Western governments.

Nevertheless, what is astounding is the absence of any genuine concern among Western leaders about actual war crimes on a massive scale in Palestine.

Biden and his Western accomplices talk about “mourning innocent deaths” while weaponizing and supporting Israeli state terrorism.

The barbarity that is happening in Gaza and the West Bank is shocking. What is all the more repugnant is the explicit guilt of Western states in enabling the genocide.

What the crimes are revealing in stark reality is the absolute fiendish nature of Western state power. The crimes of the Israeli regime are the manifestation of Western imperialism; the true and grotesque, putrid nature of Western power. For decades, indeed centuries, the United States and its European partners have conducted a charade of pretending to be paragons of democracy – while at the same time exploiting and debauching the rest of the planet.

Now all their deceptions and corruption are fully on display. These are criminal regimes whose histories of warmongering colonialism and imperialism were all too often obfuscated by preponderant media control and self-appointed allure. It is now crystal clear what the “Collective West” (a global minority elite) really stands for: death and destruction.

The big question is how far and where will the huge public anger and contempt lead to. A historic revolt is underway. What comes next? Can it be mobilized constructively to overthrow decadent dictatorships of capitalist oligarchy that have dominated Western states under the guise of democracy?

One thing is evinced. The Western elite systems are damaged beyond repair and rehabilitation. The crucifixion of the Palestinian people has created a Pandora’s Box. Western corruption – deep, systematic, historical corruption – is now out and can’t be stuffed back in again by the elite rulers trying to cover up.

The genocidal crimes of the Western powers cannot be unseen or explained away this time. The duplicity and bankruptcy are damaging to the existential core.

Ultimately, however, there may be hope for a better, fairer and more just world. But first of all, the old Western-dominated order has to go, despite the immense pain and suffering entailed.

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Written by: radioroxi

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