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The MYSTERY of Israel revealed by David Sorensen in shocking interview –


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The MYSTERY of Israel revealed by David Sorensen in shocking interview

Auto-generated summary and highlights

Controversial documentary about Israel-Gaza conflict.

  • David Sorensen discusses his documentary “The Mystery of Israel” on alternative media platforms.

Zionism and anti-Semitism.

  • Israel chosen as center of one world government by globalist elites.
  • Speaker 1 asks Speaker 2 if they have any ties to the Nazi Party or if they want to see all Jews exterminated.
  • Sorensen responds by discussing the meaning of the word “Jew” and how it refers to someone who walks in the footsteps of Abraham, emphasizing their love for God and opposition to wickedness and injustice.

Israel’s relationship with Hamas and the media.

  • Sorensen claims Israel was founded by secret societies and intelligence agencies, and that the term “anti-Semitism” is used to silence critics.
  • Sorensen says that Hamas is a puppet of the Israeli government, citing former Israeli diplomats and military officials who support this claim.
  • The failure of the Iron Dome air defense system during the recent conflict in Gaza is highlighted, with the Israeli military spokesperson instructing the mainstream media to remain silent for 12 hours.
  • Israel and Hamas are working together to eliminate the Palestinian population.

Israel-Palestine conflict and Hamas.

  • Sorensen emphasizes that Israel’s actions are not selective, but rather a complete destruction of the Gaza Strip, and that they have no regard for Palestinian lives.
  • He claims Rothschilds founded Israel, control central banks, and display Satanic symbols.
  • Palestinian Christian shares firsthand accounts of land dispossession and violence.

Christianity and Zionism. 

  • Adams denounces violence against civilians, while Sorensen questions their Christian beliefs in light of Zionist supremacy.
  • Rothschilds hired criminal forger/fraudster Ci Schofields to create a manipulated Bible, CI Scofield Study Bible, to hijack Christianity and establish a new state of Israel.
  • Sorensen emphasizes that God’s promises to Abraham were not about a military state or murdering people, but about healing and restoring humanity.
  • The apostle Paul, a former Pharisee, gave his life to proclaim that Christ fulfilled every promise God made to Abraham, and that Christ is the fulfillment of God’s habitation, family, and blessings.

The true meaning of Israel and its history. 

  • Sorensen: True Israel is people with circumcised hearts, not limited to ethnic Jews.
  • Nephilim (fallen angels) intermingled with humans in ancient Israel, demanded child sacrifice..
  • Sorensen emphasizes the importance of recognizing the new covenant established by Jesus Christ, which supersedes the old covenant symbolized by the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple in 70 AD.
  • The speaker highlights the shift from a physical temple and Jerusalem to a spiritual reality where believers are now the temple of the living God.

Christian Zionism and its connection to racism.

  • Adams criticizes Christian Zionists for advocating for violence against Palestinians.
  • Sorensen argues that supporters of Israel are supporting “the very heart of darkness” by ignoring the true Israel in Christ.

Spiritual meritocracy and Satan’s manipulation of Christianity.

  • Sorensen emphasizes that God’s plan is not about a physical land but a heavenly kingdom made by God’s hand, and that this message cancels out racism (40:48-41:56)
  • They discuss the idea of spiritual meritocracy and the ability to self-identify as a Jew, with Sorensen arguing that this undermines the meaning of being a Jew (41:56-42:56)
  • Sorensen argues that Satan has hijacked the term “Israel” to deceive people and turn the church away from Christ’s message of a spiritual kingdom.
  • The speaker claims that dark entities within the financial elites worldwide are involved in systematic child abuse and sacrifice, and that these entities have infiltrated the church through the Scofield Bible.

Israel-Palestine conflict and deception.

  • Sorensen shares a dream they had about Israeli and Palestinian people facing each other in a marketplace, with a voice saying there is no difference between them and both needing forgiveness, leading to embracing and unity.
  • Sorensen: “We don’t have to live in a world of violence and hatred. God is not a god of war and death.”
  • Sorensen: “I’m praying about it, gathering information in a couple of months. We need to push back for peace and stop the suffering.”



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