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THE GREAT TAKING – How “they” plan to STEAL everything from everyone –


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This is a partial transcript of Brighteon Broadcast News, Dec 18th, 2023, focused on “The Great Taking” documentary by David Webb, which reveals a nefarious plan by central banks to quite literally steal all assets from nearly everyone during the next engineered debt collapse. Find links to the documentary and a downloadable PDF at

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I really encourage you to watch this documentary The Great Taking by David Webb. If you’re paying attention, then you’ll realize that he’s talking about the creation of this new legal construct called a security entitlement. Now, what this means is that you think that you own your securities, stocks, bonds, bank accounts, whatever debt instruments, you think you own them. But you actually don’t own them. You have been you have been displaced, you’re no longer the owner, you are someone who is entitled to the benefits of this instrument, but you do not own it.

Instead, the ownership is now taken over by essentially these shell corporation organizations that enjoy special protections by the United States government. So when the system collapses, you will own nothing, which is exactly what the globalists are promising.

By the way, when the banks collapse, you will still owe the bank for your home your car business loan. They won’t wipe out your debts, but they will wipe out your assets. Technically, they will seize control over them, you will become just a creditor to the bank. So if you have a million dollars in the bank, and you think you’re a millionaire, actually, they’re going to take the million dollars and leave you with nothing. But if you have a loan with the bank, you still have to make payments on those loans. So you will end up with no assets, but all your debts, and you will probably be bankrupt.

This is how they’re going to bankrupt people all across the country, which is why it’s called The Great Taking.

The importance of “off-grid” financial assets

This is a strategy that has been constructed by the financial empires to quite literally take possession of virtually all assets currently held by the people of the United States of America. And similar laws have been put in place around the world. So this is why it’s critical to have assets that I call off grid assets, they need to exist outside the banking system. Number one, it’s critical to get out of debt if you can. I know that some people out there say that debt is your friend, and you should use that to become wealthy and the more debt you have, the more assets you control, and so on. I’ve heard those arguments. That’s not what I follow. You can of course, decide what’s appropriate for you.

Perhaps if you’re in real estate, maybe debt is your friend when interest rates are low. But then again, debt can quickly become your enemy as rates go higher. But I don’t believe in debt. I’ve been debt free for a long time. And I do not take loans. I do not ever want to be in debt. Because when you’re in debt, it means they have power over you and it means they can take assets back from you. What we’re finding out in this documentary, The Great Taking, is that if you have a home that you ever had a loan on, or if you own a car that you ever had a loan on your title, the fact that it had a lien on it at one time or another may, under certain circumstances, allow the lenders to still claim your property as collateral during a collapse, which means that they could potentially, at least as I understand it, they could come take your house or take your car, even though you’ve paid it off. Because they could claim that it’s collateral on their books, and you are just a “security entitlement receiver,” that you don’t really own it, even though you’re paying it off.

This is what David Webb is describing, in part, in this documentary. Now, I know this is gonna sound completely shocking to most listeners here, especially those of you in finance and taxation and so on, you’re gonna say no, that’s, that’s impossible, that you might think I must be somehow missing the point on this or I’m reaching the wrong conclusion. Well, what I’m saying is, this is what David Webb is describing. And it does contradict normal, financial common sense. It violates all the rules of ownership that we know. But that’s the point of the documentary. David Webb is explaining that a new system has been put in place that violates all the normal rules of ownership, even in cases of fraud, if a financial institution commits fraud, and they lied, and they cheated, they can still claim your assets as theirs, under certain circumstances.

So watch that documentary to get full details. Of course, check with all your professionals. You know, your professional accountant, your professional real estate investment advisor, your professional Retirement Advisor, your professional dog walker, your professional, whatever, if you have all these professionals, ask all of them. But do your own research, because most people who are professionals in the realm of finance and taxation do not know about this. So do your research and make up your own mind. But what I’m saying is, as a precaution, minimize your exposure to the banking system. Get out of that.

Digital assets can vanish in an instant

I have always said that I do not trust assets held by other parties, where I log in, and they just show me you know, numbers on a screen. Oh, look, you have this many shares of this stock. Yeah, I don’t believe it. I mean, just because it’s on the screen, that doesn’t mean anything. What happens when your brokerage goes out of business? Well, David Webb just answered that question. When the brokerage goes under, they take all your assets, you become a creditor.

So you thought you owned 1000 shares of Apple, let’s say, and in reality, you don’t. Because you don’t have the shares. They’re not in your possession and your name is not even on them. The brokerage, their name is on the ownership of the shares. They’re the ones who own them. And so when they become insolvent, and then all their assets have to be liquidated through the bankruptcy courts, you know, you might get pennies on the dollar at that point. So I don’t trust dollars in the bank. I don’t trust stocks with an online broker. I don’t trust even treasuries with the US Treasury, Treasury Direct. I don’t trust any of that stuff. You know what I trust? Well, you’ve heard me say it, time and time again, gold and silver and land. And more recently, goldbacks, as well as privacy, crypto, and other assets that hold value even when the system goes down.

Ammunition, garden seeds, diesel, fuel, power tools, things like that. Those are the things that I really trust. And those are the things that I want to have in my self custody or at least under my direct control. If I own gold, I want to take possession of the gold or at least know where it is, or have a way to get to it. I know that’s not a perfect circumstance for everybody. And depending on where you live, your gold might be safer in a vault somewhere. Or if you have a lot of silver, you might want to have it vaulted. Because silver’s kind of bulky and kind of heavy. That’s up to you. But for me, if the system goes down, I want to have direct control over these assets. And apparently a lot of people agree with me because almost all those assets that I’ve been mentioning, have been going up in value in terms of dollar denominations. Gold has been trending up and silver and also land in many areas of the country.

Some cryptos are rapidly gaining in value

But I was also shocked to learn that one of the privacy crypto currencies that we’ve covered at Decentralize TV went up almost 1,000% And that currency is called Beam. I guess it was like two weeks ago or somewhere around that beam shot up from around I don’t know three cents per coin to something like almost 30 cents per coin. Now, it had settled quite a lot since then down to about 10 cents currently. I just checked I apparently I missed the whole thing. And I hold some amount of Beam by the way and I wasn’t paying attention. You know, I was focused on this AI project. But out of the blue I happen to see Beam pricing. It was like whoa, that’s like 300% higher now than it was a month ago.

That interview by the way, if you want to check it out is on Decentralize.TV look for the interview with the founder of Beam. I like Monero, also, by the way, as a privacy crypto and Monero has gained value, and Bitcoin has gained a lot of value. It’s gone up from around $28,000 a few months ago to now $41,000. And why is that? Why is Bitcoin going up? Why is Monera going up? Why is Beam suddenly skyrocketing? I think it’s because more and more people are realizing the risks in the fiat currency financial system. I think people are dispersing their assets into more redundant vehicles.

People are buying gold and silver. People are buying ammunition. And people are buying privacy crypto, and some people are buying Bitcoin as well. By the way we have last week, we interviewed Gene, one of the project leaders for Epic Cash. And that interview is coming out. I don’t know probably tomorrow, I think for decentralized TV. Either today or tomorrow, probably tomorrow. So you can check out that interview as well. But anyway, my point is, people are trying to reduce their risk by getting out of assets that are controlled by the central authorities that David Webb was talking about in his documentary, anything that’s under the control of federal regulators, which includes the FDIC, which controls banking. Any of those banking assets, in my opinion, are at great risk of being confiscated during the debt reset, some people call it the great reset. Some people call it a debt collapse. I don’t know what you want to call it. But it’s pretty clear to me that there’s a day coming, that there will be a deliberate reset of the entire financial system. And in that reset, most of the assets of most Americans will be confiscated.

That’s how the globalist say, you will own nothing and be happy. Except you won’t be happy, you will own nothing. But you’ll be hopping mad, because they will have stolen it from you. And you’ll wonder how did they do that? Well, this is how they’re doing it. This is the mechanism. They’ve created a legal mechanism that will stand up in court that you can’t challenge. When they flip the switch, and crater the banking system, we’re all going to lose everything in the bank. I’ve already surrendered to that idea, in a sense, because I have to have a certain amount of operating capital, obviously, you know, to run our platforms and meet payroll and purchase raw materials and whatever. All that money is going to vanish overnight. So I try to minimize that money. Of course, I try to have redundancy and resiliency and backup plans and stay out of debt and all these other things. But you need to be thinking about what happens when they pull the plug on this system.

The coming “cyber attack” narrative to explain away the debt reset

Now it’s possible they could blame it on a cyber attack. That would be a very convenient scapegoat. Blame it on China, blame it on Russia, blame it on aliens, who knows, blame it on hackers. Or even frankly, I think they could blame it on AI cyber attacks, doesn’t even have to be human anymore. They just say, well, an AI system got loose and it hacked all the banks. And now the AI took all your money. It wasn’t us it was the AI robots!

You know, they can say that. And if that showed up in the New York Times, and CNN, frankly, half the country would totally believe it. Oh, yeah, robots stole my money. No wonder I’m broke, you know! It’s also not all fiction. It could happen. But AI robots are probably not going to come to your house and take your gold. And if they tried, you could fight. You know, they’re gonna seize electronic assets. That’s what’s gonna go bye-bye. But everything that’s physical that’s under your control, well, that’s very hard for them to take from you.

And in my opinion, it’s the people who hold the gold that are going to be able to reboot society. They’re going to be the ones that own the future businesses that help launch new currencies. They’re going to be the ones that are position as the new leaders of the entire fiscal economy after the reboot, you’re gonna see millionaires and billionaires become penniless. And then you’re gonna see people who own gold and silver and land become billionaires, I think you’re gonna have a big switch, you know, trading places, it’s going to happen virtually overnight, because who knows how much gold is going to be worth in this collapse environment. I can’t even put a dollar figure on it because the dollar probably won’t exist. It’s, it’s infinite dollars if the dollar goes to zero, you know, division by zero.

So we can’t even properly describe what gold will be worth or silver or hard assets. But I can tell you that fiat currencies will be worth zero or near zero. And your claim on a bank that closed down even if you had a million dollars in the bank, and they they went bankrupt, your claim on that million dollars will be worth, you know, pennies on the dollar, it won’t be worth much at all. This is why I think it’s very much worth your time to look at hard assets.

Hear the full podcast on this when it goes live at this HR Report channel on

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