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Texas AG Paxton DENIES Biden regime’s request to leave the border wide open in Eagle Pass –


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NO WAY: Texas AG Paxton DENIES Biden regime’s request to leave the border wide open in Eagle Pass

In a recent tweet, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton put the Biden regime on notice that Texas will not be complying with its demands to open back up the border in Eagle Pass.

Not only are the Biden regime’s requests “unfounded,” according to Paxton – they are also wrong. Furthermore, Texas now has “counter-demands” that Paxton says his state needs compliance with in order to secure its southern border with Mexico.

Paxton is petitioning the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to supply the official maps and deeds demonstrating the precise land parcels to which it is claiming ownership, as well as an explanation showing how Texas is preventing the federal government access to these specific parcels.

By February 15, Paxton wants DHS to procure all of this, as well as full documentation showing that Eagle Pass or Texas ever granted permission for the agency to construct an infrastructure that supposedly interferes with border security.

The Biden regime claims, without evidence, that it should be allowed to keep the southern border in Eagle Pass porous and pretty much open to illegal invaders, who merely have to wade across a relatively shallow and calm portion of the Rio Grande River in order to illegally enter America.

Paxton wants proof that Congress has the legal authority to empower DHS “to turn a Texas park into an unofficial & illegal port of entry,” this referring to Shelby Park, a nearly 50-acre plot of parkland along the banks of the Rio Grande.

“If the federal gov. is going to make such claims, it must provide proof,” Paxton wrote in a message to the spooks in D.C.

(Fact check: The U.S. Constitution does allow for Texas to wage war on the federal government in the event of an imminent, open-border invasion.)

Texas puts D.C. on notice over border crisis

The Biden regime had previously sent Texas a letter about all this that Paxton says provides “no meaningful response” while “abandon[ing] earlier factual assertions, assert[ing] new ones, & supply[ing] even less of a legal basis for your demand.”

“Once again, I respectfully suggest that any time you might spend suing Texas should be redirected toward enforcing the immigration laws Congress already has on the books,” Paxton further said to the Biden regime.

“As I said before, this office will continue to defend Texas’s efforts to protect its southern border against every effort by the Biden Administration to undermine the State’s constitutional right of self-defense.”

The Biden regime continues to demand that Texas cede control over Shelby Park to the deep state while ending all border security measures. Biden essentially wants Texas to become an open borders state with no border at all, allowing the state to be indiscriminately invaded by illegals.

Meanwhile, a convoy of truckers calling itself “God’s army” is headed to Eagle Pass to support Abbott and Paxton’s efforts to secure the southern border in and around the Texas border town.

Known as the Take Our Border Back Convoy, the group, which is organizing on Telegram, plans to “peacefully gather and protest” in Eagle Pass on February 3.

After visiting Eagle Pass, the convoy will continue on through New Mexico to Arizona, then on to California, all of these states also sharing a southern border with Mexico.

The convoy is calling on retired law enforcement, veterans, elected officials and business owners to meet in Eagle Pass to protest the illegal invasion taking place there at the order of the Biden regime.

These “criminals” and “known terrorists,” as the convoy members are calling the illegal invaders, must be stopped or else America could end up becoming the site of another horrific terror attack.

America’s southern border is wide open, thanks to corrupt D.C. politics. Find out more at

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