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SMASHING the AI threat matrix – How human resistance defeats Skynet –


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The following is a partial transcript of the Mike Adams broadcast (Brighteon Broadcast News) for Dec 15, 2023, breaking huge news about DHS and CISA weaponizing AI to destroy America and replace the American people with illegal immigrants. Here’s a summary description of what’s covered:

DHS, the same agency currently plotting, funding and spearheading the invasion of the United States with illegals, has a documented plan to roll out AI censorship weapons to silence Americans, AI workforce automation agents to replace American workers (with a special emphasis on displacing white workers), and an AI control grid rollout to seize control of every election and every level of government across America and the world: City, county, state, federal and international.

More details will be revealed in a live broadcast on the Alex Jones Show, beginning at 1 pm central today (Friday, Dec. 15th, 2023). I will be joining Alex for a two-hour special on this subject.

The two documents referenced in this broadcast are:

2023 – 2024 CISA Roadmap for AI

Homeland Security Memorandum Policy Statement 139-06, dated Aug 8, 2023

Welcome to Brighteon broadcast news for Friday, December 15 2023. I’m Mike Adams. Thank you for joining me today. The title of today’s episode is Smashing the AI threat matrix – How human resistance defeats Skynet, and survives the coming war with the machines.

In today’s broadcast, we’re going to cover the severe threat to humanity that AI now poses because it is being centralized in the hands of the anti human globalists and the transhumanists. However, AI itself can also be used to defend humanity. So we’re going to talk about solutions here today, that will help keep humanity alive, and help keep humanity free rather than being enslaved by the AI threat matrix.

I’ll be discussing all of this later today with Alex Jones, on the Alex Jones Show that we’ll be airing of course at, or And I’ll be spending two hours with Alex. It’s hour three and four of his main broadcast, hour three begins at 1pm Central.

I want to encourage you to tune into that show, because I’ll be presenting details there that I do not have time to get into today in this broadcast. But the overall structure of the information that I have to present shows, firstly, the severe threat of AI, which is far worse than anything you have probably realized up to this point. Point number two is how AI is being weaponized by the anti human establishment in order to exterminate and replace human beings. Point number three is how we can use AI to defeat Skynet… how to survive the coming war with the machines.

We can’t survive the war by simply ignoring AI, we have to understand it, we have to harness it, we have to turn it against the globalists, by allowing AI to help defend us and empower us and inform us. Fortunately, there’s a very powerful open source community that is mostly dedicated to freedom, liberty, human knowledge, sharing of knowledge, and is opposed to big governments, the centralized corporations, the military industrial complex, and all of these evil forces that are trying to dominate our world and enslave humanity.

So I believe that we can contribute significantly to the pro human side of this equation. When I say we, I mean, my organization, Natural News,, Health Ranger store, and so on. In fact, we’ve already begun that process in a very significant way with very large investments in hardware and Nvidia GPUs, for example… and also the building out of an r&d team that can help with the tasks that I’ll describe here later on — tasks that can, in fact, harness AI, to provide knowledge in a decentralized manner, in an open source format, knowledge that is free and available freely to every person in the world. So that’s what we are focused on right now. And I thank you for your support, as we are, in essence, building out the human resistance networks that will help defeat the war with the machines.

DHS reveals it will weaponize AI against America and humanity

What we’re going to cover first in unveiling the threat that AI poses to humanity is a couple of documents from the US Federal Government. We have DHS, the Department of Homeland Security. We have key documents that I will reveal here. Now remember that DHS is the same agency that is currently plotting and funding and spearheading the invasion of the United States of America with illegal immigration. As you’ll learn here today, DHS has a documented plan to roll out AI censorship weapons, to silence Americans. They’re going to roll out AI workforce automation agents to replace the American workers with a special emphasis, by the way, on displacing white workers, because you’ll see the term equity referenced in these DHS documents. And then finally, DHS plans to roll out an AI control grid to seize control of every election, and to control every level of government across America and around the world, including cities, counties, states, the federal government, international governments, and also tribal governments, both in the United States and outside the United States.

So this is the documented plan of DHS. We’ll get into the memo that outlines that. But there’s another government agency that is really critical in all of this, and it’s called CISA. C I S A stands for Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. And if you go to, you can read about this agency. If you don’t already know who CISA is, just keep in mind that CISA was very heavily involved in ordering big tech to censor pro Trump voices, pro America voices, and also to censor voices that were, let’s say skeptical about vaccine safety and efficacy, mask mandates or COVID lockdowns.

So CISA has been heavily involved in the weaponization of government power against human liberty and free speech across America. CISA helped rigged the 2020 election, in other words, to install Joe Biden into the Oval Office as a pretender in chief, and of course, deny Donald Trump his rightful second term. This is probably why so many elements within the federal government and especially in certain sectors of military intelligence, are positioning Donald Trump to be president for a third term, to finally restore the Oval Office to the rightful winner of the election, which is Donald Trump.

We’re going to be looking at a document from CISA here, which is called the 2023 through 2024, roadmap for artificial intelligence. And you’ll see in this document how free speech is going to be deemed an “AI-enhanced attack.” Anybody who exercises free speech online will be accused of engaging in “malicious activity.” This is a real critical concept to understand both DHS and CISA. When they talk about AI tools, they often talk about responsible use. They talk about safety. They talk about AI enabled systems that have “guardrails.” And they also talk about cyber defense and critical infrastructure.

AI “safety” is a code word for censorship

These are all code words for censorship, silencing Americans and ordering big tech who to de-platform. So when they talk about AI safety, what they mean is weaponizing AI tools to block anyone who might disagree with, let’s say, a government ordered mandate about vaccines. They will simply argue that if you’re not on board with vaccines, then you are a threat to the safety of the American people. Therefore, you’re engaged in “malicious activity,” and AI can be unleashed against you in order to protect the safety of the United States. That’s the logic even though of course you and I know that these vaccines are biological weapons. They are being deployed on purpose to murder people and to achieve global depopulation.

You can rest assured that right now, Big Pharma and big government have funded massive operations, which are troll farms that posts comments to try to demoralize independent media, thought leaders, independent journalists, anyone who is critical of vaccines or critical of the Biden administration, or critical of Israel or critical of Ukraine. These people are being targeted with artificially generated comments. There are massive farms of AI bots that are being run by corporations in America, and also by the government itself and potentially CISA is even involved in some of these activities. There’s no question the CDC is involved in these activities and the CDC received funding during COVID in order to generate and push propaganda that would help support the uptake of vaccines in the interest of achieving depopulation goals.

So, understand that many of the comments that you read online right now are probably not even human very often. And especially if those comments are aligned with the interests of powerful corporations, governments, the military, industrial complex, big tech, transgenderism, agendas and so on, then you can be very confident that those comments did not come from human beings. They have been generated by AI systems.

Getting back to CISA here, if you go to, and you click on the About section, and go to divisions and offices, you’ll see a list of the divisions that Cisco has. They have a cybersecurity division. They have an infrastructure security division, which is involved in rigging elections. They have an emergency communications division, which is responsible for blocking people who exercise free speech, and taking over the communications infrastructure, in order to gaslight and brainwash everybody or to deceive the American people about things like plandemics. They have a National Risk Management Center, which no doubt is actually involved in increasing the risk to America. By shutting down things that make America more redundant, such as domestic oil exploration, or energy production, refineries, and so on, or things like cryptocurrency, which is a decentralized peer to peer form of money exchange that is very resilient, not centralized. You can bet that CISA is anti crypto, no doubt they want to shut down crypto, because they want to increase risks and increase the concentration of power in the hands of the few in Washington, DC. But there are two more divisions that CISA also has: They have their integrated operations division and then a stakeholder engagement division.

CISA’s real mission is to weaponize technology and AI to protect corporate and government monopolies of power

Now this last one, the Stakeholder Engagement Division, this is where CISA conspires with powerful corporations, including Big Pharma, big tech, big finance, in order to make sure that the power of weaponizing AI and other technology is used to destroy the competition of those powerful corporations, and monopolize or create barriers and protections for the hegemonic activities of those powerful corporate interests. That’s what this is all about.

This isn’t about decentralizing Power to the People, protecting the people or informing the people. It has nothing to do with that. This is about protecting those in power, and making sure they have absolute control over everything that goes on in the United States of America involving telecommunications, or computing. In addition, it’s important to note that CISA is also part of the propaganda system that is being exploited right now to help justify an escalation of war with Russia and also with China. For example, the other day when you saw that article, widely reported across mainstream media that claimed that China had hacked the control systems of water treatment facilities across America, that news was a piece of fiction dreamed up by none other than CISA. They made it up, and they pushed it out there in order to try to demonize China. Because the US State Department is now in the process of attempting to escalate the information war against China as a prelude to a kinetic war against China.

If you follow my broadcast for very long, you know that the United States has lost the war with Russia, and despite its best efforts to escalate that war, and to try to provoke Russia into a nuclear attack, that would justify a massive Western nuclear response to try to destroy Russia. Those efforts have failed, and Putin did not take the bait. Ukraine has been utterly destroyed, or at least its military has. And Russia has achieved a decisive victory in that war, the United States military was defeated. But the US propaganda machine has lied to the American people the entire time, and claimed all kinds of false things, for example, blaming Russia for various cyber attacks in the United States, even though we know now that the blame was part of a false flag operation to justify an escalation of war with Russia. The same exact game is being played with China right now.

I’m not claiming that Russia or China are wonderful, honest, ethical countries. China in particular, is a communist country. It’s the Chinese Communist Party, the CCP, I’m not a communist. I don’t want communists to succeed in the world. I want America to succeed. I want the original vision of America, the United States Constitution, the civil liberties and the Civil Rights upon which this nation was founded, which includes freedom of speech, by the way, which CISA has been attacking relentlessly for years now. I want the original vision of America to succeed.

I am not Russian. I’m not a fan of Putin, either. Putin, in his own way, is a geopolitical thug of sorts. You know, he came out of the secret programs there the the deep state of Russia, you could say, but the US Empire, as it is currently being run by occupying forces that did not win the election in 2020, is also tremendously evil. The US Empire is bullying the world. The United States State Department is run by warmongering, racist lunatics, who are utterly incompetent and arrogant at the same time. Our Secretary of State Antony Blinken has no clue what he’s doing. He is so far out of his league, he is utterly outclassed by other diplomats that he attempts to meet with around the world. And Joe Biden is cognitively impaired to the point where he should be probably institutionalized in a place that can handle dementia or Alzheimer’s patients. And the people running Joe Biden are anti American radical fascists who hate this country. They hate the Constitution. They hate civil liberties and freedoms. And yet they are currently calling the shots and they are directing CISA. They are directing DHS.

The deliberate invasion and occupation of the United States of America

That’s why we have people like Alejandro Mayorkas, who is the Secretary of Homeland Security, literally telling us that there’s no problem with the border, that there’s no problem with illegal immigrants, even though his department is funding invasion bases that are being expanded and constructed in Panama, right across the Darien Gap, that allow quite literally thousands of illegals from around the world to gather, and then to hop on trucks and trains and buses and boats, and to make their way to the US border and cross the border, which is a form of an invasion of the United States of America, an illegal occupation of America. The fact that those routes are wide open also makes them available to the various trafficking cartels that are using them to traffic, children, drugs and weapons, in addition to military aged men who are soldiers, many of whom are now coming from communist China.

So the United States is being occupied and invaded. That’s why it’s a joke when you hear about organizations like CISA, claiming that they’re trying to defend America or defend our infrastructure, defend our emergency communications, or you hear Homeland Security claim there’s no problem with immigration. If you were serious about defending America, the very first thing you would do is defend America’s border. That’s infrastructure. A border wall is infrastructure. Yet you hear nothing from CISA, about building or defending are about building a border wall or defending our border.

In reality, the purpose of CISA is to infiltrate and control every level of government in America and to control them with AI. What CISA did in the 2020 election, and what they have done in demanding censorship across big tech platforms, they now want to do to every election in America. They want to federalize the elections by controlling the infrastructure, and they want to cheat forevermore, to deny people like Donald Trump access to the White House, while claiming that they’re actually protecting America and reducing risks.

This broadcast continues with a tremendous amount of additional information. For the full broadcast, look for it to post at


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