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Palestinian human rights organizations sue Biden for “complicity” in Israel’s “genocide” in Gaza –


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Palestinian human rights organizations sue Biden for “complicity” in Israel’s “genocide” in Gaza

The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), a New York-based civil liberties group, is suing the Biden regime for not only failing to prevent but also aiding and abetting “genocide” in Gaza.

A federal complaint names White House occupant Joe Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of State Lloyd Austin as defendants in the case, accusing them of “failure to prevent and complicity in the Israeli government’s unfolding genocide.”

The suit was filed on behalf of various Palestinian human rights organizations, Palestinian people living in Gaza, and United States citizens who have relatives still living in the besieged enclave, which is under relentless attack by Israel right now.

Since the October 7 false flag attack by Hamas in Israel, Israel has responded by killing 11,200 Palestinians and counting. Israel, meanwhile, only lost about 1,200 people in the initial attack, and many of these deaths were committed by Israeli military “friendly fire.”

“Numerous Israeli government leaders have expressed clear genocidal intentions and deployed dehumanizing characterizations of Palestinians, including ‘human animals,'” the CCR wrote in the introduction to its complaint, adding that Israel’s “statements of intent” combined with the “mass killing” of Palestinians reveal “evidence of an unfolding crime of genocide.”

(Related: One of Israel’s goals with its genocide in Gaza is to steal control over Palestine’s rich maritime natural gas reserves.)

U.S. taxpayers funding Israeli genocide in Gaza

Instead of taking a stand against Israel’s unbridled campaign of destruction in Gaza, the Biden regime is offering unconditional support for the murderous regime using U.S. tax dollars.


“Immediately after the launch of Israel’s unprecedented bombing campaign on Gaza, President Biden offered ‘unwavering’ support for Israel, which he and administration officials have consistently repeated and backed up with military, financial, and political support, even as mass civilian casualties escalated alongside Israeli genocidal rhetoric,” the CCR complaint goes on to state.

Since World War II, Israel has been the largest cumulative recipient of U.S. foreign assistance. Regardless of whether a Republican or Democrat controls the executive branch, the outcome is always the same: Israel gets to do whatever it wants while the U.S. foots the bill.

With this latest campaign of terror and genocide in Gaza by Israel, the U.S. had a chance to step up and force some kind of restraint. Instead, the U.S. has basically given Israel the green light to kill as many people as it wants to continue pursuing its own interests.

The CCR complaint states it this way: the U.S. could have imposed a “deterrent effect on Israeli officials now pursuing genocidal acts against the Palestinian people.” Instead, Biden, Blinken, and Austin “have helped advance the gravest of crimes” by continuing to send money, weapons, and troops to the Middle East to support Israel’s genocide in Gaza.

“They have a significant responsibility under customary international law, under federal law, to prevent this genocide, to stop supporting this genocide,” says Astha Sharma Pokharel, a CCR lawyer.

“At every step of the way, at every opportunity, they have failed. They have continued to provide cover to Israel; they have continued to provide material support to Israel; and currently, they intend to send more money and more weapons to Israel.”

“I paid for Israel to kill my cousins and my aunt,” also says Laila al-Haddad, a U.S. citizen and one of the lead plaintiffs in the case. “It was my tax dollars that did that, that sent those bombs to Israel to kill my family. And so, I feel I and all other American taxpayers have a very unique responsibility to hold our government and our elected officials responsible.”

The CCR lawsuit calls for an immediate end to the $3.8 billion in annual military support the U.S. sends to Israel.

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