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NYC willing to STARVE seniors just to feed ILLEGALS –


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In a bid to address its self-inflicted migrant crisis, New York City (NYC) is willing to starve senior citizens just to feed illegal aliens.

Selwyn Duke of the New American magazine expounded on this issue in an Oct. 4 piece. He cited a June 2023 article on Bloomberg, which estimated the cost of the Big Apple housing illegals from April 2022 to July 2024 at a whopping $4.3 billion. To afford this amount, NYC Mayor Eric Adams said the city plans to “trim services such as library hours, meals for senior citizens, re-entry programming for Rikers Island prisoners and free full-day care for three-year-olds.”

The affected meals for seniors program, Duke noted, falls under the purview of the New York City Department for the Aging (DFTA). According to the city’s website, elderly New Yorkers who can still move around can visit older adult centers (OACs) and have a meal courtesy of the OACs’ lunch program.

“If you are 60 years of age and older and have difficulty preparing meals, you may be able to receive nutritionally balanced home-delivered meals,” the DFTA said. “Eligible older adults may choose to receive daily delivery of hot meals or twice-weekly delivery of fresh-frozen meals.”

Writing for American Thinker, contributor Civis Americanus also that the budget cuts not only extend to food for seniors – but also to lodging. Americanus cited a story from the Daily Mail about a former military member kicked out of the nursing home he was in.

“A Korean War veteran feared he would be left ‘on the curb’ after he was ordered out of his Staten Island nursing home to make way for the migrants overwhelming NYC,” the Mail reported. “Frank Tammaro, 95, was given six weeks to get out of the Island Shores Senior Residence when it was sold to city authorities [in September].”


Adams, NYC Democrats blasted over “sanctuary city” policies

Americanus noted that most of the illegal aliens entering the Big Apple “are economic migrants who want to take advantage of the city’s generous welfare programs.” They also set their Adams, addressing the NYC mayor: “If you didn’t have a sanctuary city squandering $300 a night on hotel rooms for migrants, they probably wouldn’t flock there.”

The contributor also remarked that they don’t feel sorry for New Yorkers who elected a city council backing a sanctuary city policy.

“It’s their tax money to squander as they wish, but their irresponsibility is affecting poor senior citizens on fixed incomes and everyone else subjected to deteriorated and dangerous neighborhoods because entire buildings have been turned into hubs of violent crime,” Americanus added.

“It is not surprising that they want money from the rest of the state, and the federal government which is now $33 trillion in debt and counting.” (Related: New York City to spend $4.7 BILLION this fiscal year dealing with illegal immigrants.)

Americanus also cited a remark by Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY), who said: “I hope [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)] and her Democrat colleagues got the message … that New Yorkers are fed up with President [Joe] Biden’s open border policies that are wreaking havoc in their city.”

Duke agreed with the American Thinker contributor, noting that “this immigrationist madness reflects an attack on the very concept of nationhood. It’s not just the inundation with unassimilable foreigners. Seeing citizens’ needs subordinated to those of interlopers would offend any patriot.”

Visit for more stories about NYC’s response to the influx of illegal aliens.

Watch Todd Bensman explaining why illegals choose to visit New York City, a self-proclaimed sanctuary city, during his appearance on “Bannon’s War Room” below.

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