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Israel dropping U.S.-supplied 2,000-lb. bombs in dense civilian areas of Gaza –


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Israel dropping U.S.-supplied 2,000-lb. bombs in dense civilian areas of Gaza

The bombs Israel is dropping on Gaza are getting bigger as the Israel-Palestine war escalates.

The latest reports indicate that Israel has a particular affinity for the 2,000-pound MD-84 bomb, which produces a 3,280-foot hazardous blast radius. Israel is reportedly dropping MK-84 bombs in areas of Gaza that are densely populated with civilians.

Gaza in general is densely packed, representing one of the most densely-populated nations, if you will, in the world. And the spots where Israel is dropping MK-84s are apparently some of the most densely populated enclaves of Gaza.

At the current time, most other militaries in the world would be exercising far more restraint, but not Israel. As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders have repeatedly proclaimed, there is a job to be done – and that job will not stop until it is done.

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Gaza civilian damage already triple that of Nazi Germany

To put things into proportion, the damage already caused by Israel to civilians and civilian areas in its war campaign on Gaza exceeds the civilian damage caused by Allied bombs in Nazi Germany by a factor of three.

The Friday before Christmas alone, Israel reportedly killed more than 90 Palestinians, many of them women and children, when it decided to level two houses in two different areas of Gaza.

Israel says Hamas is hiding everywhere, including in hospitals and residential buildings, this being the justification given for what appears to be a reckless military campaign in the increasingly obliterated Palestinian territory.

Others claim that Israel is being reckless and using Hamas as cover to basically annex the Gaza Strip into the borders of Israel.

Perhaps the worst damage caused in Gaza by an MK-84 thus far occurred on October 31 when Israel Defense Forces (IDF) bombed Jabalya, an area in northern Gaza. The area hit was a mostly residential area occupied by civilians.

“That’s something we would never see the U.S. doing,” commented Larry Lewis, the research director at the Center for Naval Analyses, in a media quote. “It certainly appears that [Israel’s] tolerance for civilian harm compared to expected operational benefits is significantly different than what we would accept.”

It is worth noting that the United States military during its entire fight with ISIS only dropped one MK-84 bomb. By comparison, the U.S. since October 7 has already sent a truly astounding 5,400 MK-84 bombs to Israel to support and further its war on Gaza.

Cruelly, Israel has reportedly dropped more than 200 MK-84 bombs in a specific area of southern Gaza where IDF had previously told Palestinian civilians to flee for safety from the northern territories that Israel initially began bombing.

In response to all this, IDF basically shrugged off the world’s concerns and said to wait for a statement that will come at some point in the future, though no indication was given as to when that statement might come.

“Questions of this kind will be looked into at a later stage,” an IDF spokesperson is quoted as saying, adding that IDF “takes feasible precautions to mitigate civilian harm.”

John Chappell of the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Civilians in Conflict made an apparent suggestion to the Western media that everything Israel is doing to Gaza right now was basically made possible by the U.S.

“The devastation that we’ve seen for communities in Gaza is unfortunately co-signed by the United States,” Chappell said. “Too much of it is carried out by bombs that were made in the United States.”

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