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Israel admits its military killed hundreds of Israeli citizens at October 7 music festival, then blamed Hamas –


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Israel admits its military killed hundreds of Israeli citizens at October 7 music festival, then blamed Hamas

A police investigation out of Israel has found that an Israeli helicopter was responsible for shooting an undisclosed number of the 364 civilians whom Israeli authorities reported as dead at the October 7 music festival, known as Nova.

Israel says Hamas had no knowledge that the music festival was even taking place at the time, despite it taking place just a few kilometers to the east of Gaza near Kibbutz Re’im, an Israeli settlement.

“According to a police source, the investigation also shows that an IDF combat helicopter that arrived to the scene and fired at terrorists there apparently also hit some festival participants,” Haaretz reported about the matter.

(Related: This corroborates with the testimony of Yasmin Porat, an Israeli citizen who fled the Nova music festival to another nearby kibbutz called Be’eri, where she was held captive and treated nicely by Hamas, but meanly by Israel Defense Forces.)

How many dead Israelis are Israel’s collateral damage?

Numerous media outlets have since confirmed and reported that it was, in fact, several Israeli Apache helicopters that opened fire on attendees of the Nova music festival, not Hamas militants.

What this all means, of course, is that Israel’s early claims about decapitated babies being baked in ovens and other such nonsense was just that: nonsense.

An inside police source reported that an Israeli combat helicopter arrived at the scene from Ramat David base and shot not just at Hamas fighters coming through the border fence from Gaza into Israel, but also on the Israelis fleeing the Nova music festival.


Early on, Israel claimed that 260 Israelis were killed at the festival, all by Hamas and the Palestinians in a deliberate massacre. We were never told until now that Israel played any role in those deaths.

Similar stories came out of the kibbutz locations as well as Porat and others reported that IDF soldiers were the ones shooting and killing Israeli citizens, not Hamas.

Putting two and two together, the primary culprit in the October 7 massacre appears to actually be Israel and its trigger-happy military. From most of the reports coming in from those who were there, Hamas treated its Israeli hostages kindly – it was IDF soldiers who caused much of the carnage and death.

The reason why this all matters is because it completely debunks the claims made by Israel about torture, rape, baked babies and other atrocities that were immediately pinned on Hamas. Not only did many of these scenarios not even happen – the baked baby thing was a hoax – but we now know that many of the Israeli citizen deaths were caused by the IDF, not Hamas.

The hyperbolic demonization strategies of Israel in trying to turn the world against Hamas would seem to be failing as the truth about Israel’s mass murder and war crimes trickle to the surface of global conversation.

At least 4,000 innocent children in Gaza have already been murdered by Israel since October 7. This is nearly four times the number of Israelis total who were killed on October 7 – and, again, many of these Israeli deaths were caused by Israel rather than Hamas.

“IF some of the original war crimes attributed to Hamas, at least in part, are the responsibility of the IDF, then their retributive policy of killing, so far, 100 Palestinians to every 1 Israeli, at the very least should be reconsidered, as cynical as that sounds,” wrote Sayer Ji, a prominent and well-versed member of the natural health community, on X (formerly Twitter).

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