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Israel accused of secretly deploying NEUTRON BOMBS in Gaza as weapons of genetic extermination –


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Israel accused of secretly deploying NEUTRON BOMBS in Gaza as weapons of genetic extermination

The following is a partial transcript of Brighteon Broadcast News for December 19, 2023, in which Mike Adams interviews Christopher Busby, a physicist, science paper author and investigator into both depleted uranium and neutron bombs. The full broadcast and interview will be found at this link:

Welcome to Brighteon Broadcast News for Tuesday, December 19 2023. Mike Adams here, thank you for joining me today. It’s not that uncommon to use the term bombshell to describe news that you’re breaking. But today, we have a literal bombshell piece of news, because this news is about neutron bombs and the claim by a British scientist, who I’ve interviewed today, the claim that Israel is using neutron bombs right now, which is leaving behind verifiable levels of enriched uranium in Gaza, and that the United States also possesses this weapon, and that the US used it in Fallujah. The claim is that Israel also use this in Lebanon in 2006. And in Gaza, in subsequent years.

This is going to take a little bit of science to explain. But once you understand what has been found and confirmed, you will never be able to unsee this. So stay tuned for that interview with Chris Busby, who is with coming up here today. I’m also going to cover his most recent paper, which was just published on December 8, and it is titled Evidence for the use by Israel of a neutron uranium warhead in Palestine and Lebanon.

So this is an eye opening topic here with massive global implications. But first, let me cover some other breaking news around the world.

Volcano erupts in Iceland

Remember that volcano that was about to blow in Iceland? Well, it has erupted and it is now being called a worst case scenario. That’s according to Icelandic volcanologist [name]. If I’m getting that correct, says the eruption appears big and only about two kilometers from major infrastructure. Hundreds of people had been evacuated in previous weeks, by the way. But this eruption is very close to a geothermal power plant near the town of [town]. And apparently this eruption is sending jets of lava 330 feet into the air. It’s not clear yet whether this volcano will have global implications, but we’ll keep an eye on it and keep you posted.

Children’s applesauce packs contaminated with high levels of lead

The next story is that applesauce products which have been sold in the United States have been found to be heavily contaminated with lead. These apple fruit puree pouches have been sold on Amazon and some retail outlets in the United States including Dollar Tree and some grocery chains including Schnucks.

So these products applesauce pouches may have been intentionally contaminated with lead. And the CDC says it has identified a total of 125 cases from 22 states across the nation, where children in particular were exposed to alarming levels of lead and they were poisoned. Their blood tests showed lead levels as high as 29 micrograms per deciliter, which is way above, it’s almost 10 times the blood limit that set by the CDC in terms of lead presence in the blood. Because these applesauce products were package for children, the children consume them and many have been exposed.

These children experienced signs of headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea anemia, and changes in activity levels. Lead is of course highly toxic to human beings and it could cause kidney problems and cardiovascular effects and so on. This is a reminder that it’s important to make sure the food you consume has been tested for heavy metals. And as you know, I have a food science lab and we run heavy metals testing on all the nutrition products and food products that we sell at We’ve talked previously about high lead levels in Moringa. We’ve seen lead and cadmium in cacao products and chocolate products. And of course, we reject those lots that have high heavy metals in them. But turmeric is very often contaminated with high levels of lead. We’ve also seen it in maca root and ginger powder and so on. A lot of the root vegetables tend to have high levels of lead.

But in this case with the applesauce products, the FDA and the CDC believed that there was intentional contamination. And apparently this product was manufactured in Ecuador. It’s currently believed by US authorities, although they don’t have any proof of this that there was “economically motivated adulteration,” which means that they believe somebody intentionally dumped lead into the apple sauce vat of this manufacturer in order to destroy the company’s reputation and economic viability. So this is a case of economic sabotage that also involves poisoning children with lead. How crazy is that?

These particular products were not certified organic. But it is important to note that USDA organic certification does not require testing for heavy metals in any way whatsoever. No testing required. So organic or non organic, they can all be contaminated with lead, so keep your eyes open for that.

Fluoride promotes diabetes in children

Now speaking of poisoning children, here’s a story out of from the Defender, fluoride linked to diabetes and kids. This is citing a new study published in environmental international December 13 2023. It says that a Mexican-US study group found that excess dietary fluoride causes a rise in biomarkers for diabetes, heart disease and obesity in Mexican children The study also points out that excess of fluoride intake is associated with dental fluorosis, often described as cosmetic, but severe cases can result in tooth decay, or skeletal fluorosis, which leads to bone fractures, and also neurodevelopmental issues in children.

So so this is just more evidence that the fluoridation of the public water supply is another form of mass poisoning of children. Interestingly, in Mexico, they do not fluoridate the public water supplies, but they do this in the United States. Because fluoride is a neurotoxin, it also dumbs down children. And since this has been going on for decades, in the United States we have seen the great dumbing down of the US population with this neurological weapon.

Of course, since COVID, were hit with biological weapons, as well. It’s very clear that somebody doesn’t want the US population to remain viable for very long. They’ve been poisoning populations with fluoride and pesticides, herbicides, gender bender chemicals, as well as glyphosate and heavy metals and vaccines for decades, just in time for the replacement wave of illegal immigrants crossing the border coming into America to replace all the Americans that are dying, or being pushed out of their homes with the coming financial collapse. It’s a blueprint folks. You’re watching a blueprint being played out in real time. And the goal is to first destroy Americans, replace them with immigrants, and then in phase two, to exterminate most human beings on the planet, as they roll out the robots and the automated systems, AI systems and so on, which we’ve talked about in other podcasts, but fluoride is simply part of that equation.

Notice that fluoride dripped into the water supply violates every premise of ethical medicine. Number one, the people drinking the fluoride have never been diagnosed with a fluoride deficiency. So how can you give them a drug, which is what fluoride is, if you’ve never diagnosed them, if they’ve never even seen a doctor that said, Oh, you have a fluoride deficiency? And then second, it’s the same fluoride dose for everybody. How can you prescribe a drug, drip it into the water supply, and give every person the same dose regardless of their existing dietary exposures of fluoride? Some people have much higher level of fluoride in the foods they consume. Some children are given fluoridated water that they buy at pharmacies, because you can actually buy bottled water for babies that is poisoned with fluoride. So fluoride in the water is a medical crime against humanity, and it’s been going on for decades. And if you drink tap water and if you drink tap water, you might have already been lobotomized. I mean, who drinks tap water?

U.S. Steel sold to Japan

All right. Moving on to the next story, US Steel has now been sold to Japan’s largest steelmaker Nippon steel. That’s right, one of the largest steel producers in the United States, US Steel has been sold for $14.9 billion dollars. Of course, it still requires regulatory approval for the deal to go through. But the deal has been announced. And this demonstrates that US infrastructure is being sold off to investors from around the world. Notice, by the way, that the United States is already very bad at manufacturing things. We’ve talked about this with the military munitions manufacturing and the inability of the United States to keep up with weapons supplies. We saw this with Ukraine. And now we’re seeing some of this with the Middle East situation, which continues to deteriorate, by the way. But what does the US make any more other than just fiat currency? And the answer is each year there are fewer and fewer products that the United States of America manufactures and exports. Some of the largest are agricultural products, you know, grain corn, wheat, barley, rice, things like that. Well, any third world country can export corn, that doesn’t make you a world leader just exporting a bunch of crops. What about the high tech stuff? You know, what about infrastructure? What about components? Well, most of that comes from places like Japan or Taiwan, or Korea or China, and not the United States. And now the US doesn’t even have a big part of its steel infrastructure, at least it’s not owned by the American people any longer.

The implications of this are, of course, quite dramatic, because steel is one of the key components that goes into the manufacture of military equipment. Tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, and also steel for of course, building construction. Steel is used in reinforced concrete, obviously, in the form of rebar. But steel is used in many other products, including bridges and ports and so on. Steel is a key infrastructure component. And the fact that foreign investors will be holding a significant portion of the United States Steel infrastructure should be raising alarm bells in the minds of anyone paying attention.

WEF wants $3.5 trillion every year to push “decarbonization” agenda

Now, speaking of infrastructure, and the tearing down of infrastructure, you know, the World Economic Forum and the anti human globalists, they’ve been wanting to tear down the food infrastructure, as well as the world’s energy infrastructure in order to drive human populations into poverty and famine, and ultimately, mass extermination. Well now from dossier today from Jordan [name], I think is the name. We have a story called World Economic Forum demands $3.5 trillion per year, to decarbonize the planet, and to reach net zero and restore nature.

The W E F wants 3.5 trillion per year. I think that exceeds the entire non business tax revenues of the United States of America. From the point of view of the federal government, you know, personal federal taxes are, I think, two to 3 trillion a year or something in that range. So this is even higher than that. And from the story, it says that, according to a new white paper published Wednesday by the Davos outfit, that the W E. F, in partnership with McKinsey and Company. It’s time to print more money to further devalue the wealth of the common man in order to pursue the apparent noble goal of decarbonization.

Well, decarbonisation means extermination of humans of course, because human beings are made of carbon, you are made of carbon, I am made of carbon, and so are your pets. And your children, if you have children, they’re all made of carbon, and so are your garden plants. So decarbonization means exterminating life on planet earth. From the report, it says, quote, The world needs up to 3.5 trillion of additional investments each year to reach net zero, and restore nature. Now, what is Net Zero? Net Zero means they kill off so many human beings, that there aren’t enough alive to use much energy that contributes carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. And remember, carbon dioxide is a good thing for the atmosphere. It’s what plants need for photosynthesis. It’s what plants crave. And if you don’t have carbon dioxide, you don’t have photosynthesis, which means you don’t have food crops. You don’t have trees and grasses and rainforests or anything. I mean, you have total mass death across the planet, if you eliminate carbon dioxide, but that’s exactly what the globalist want to do.

Also the climate cultist lunatics who think that carbon dioxide is bad, they can’t wait to try to get rid of all of it. But in the story, it says, according to the white paper, private organizations should surrender their autonomy to governments in exchange for an endless amount of credit, and a backstop of protection, should their business fail in the open market. So essentially, what they’re doing is they’re saying that if you are on board with this decarbonisation agenda, then you will have access to credit. And if you’re not on board, you will have no access to credit and good luck trying to grow your business. That’s essentially what this is. They are denying credit through collusion with the banking sector. They’re denying credit to businesses that don’t push the climate cult, lunatic agenda.

So this whole phrase so this word, decarbonisation this word is used 91 times in this memo from the W E. F. They’re going crazy over this term, decarbonisation. What does this mean? Well, obviously, they’re saying that carbon is bad. Carbon is the basis of all life on our planet. And as far as we know, it’s the basis of life in the cosmos, carbon based life forms are probably very common throughout many planets, you know, in our galaxy. Now, arguably, there could be other forms of life. And some people say that silicon is giving rise to AI systems right now, but that’s a different discussion and debate. All life, as we know it, as far as we know, is carbon based life. And that includes plants and animals and insects and pollinators and whales and dolphins and all kinds of furry little creatures and polar bears as well. So when they’re saying that decarbonisation is the goal, they’re saying that extermination of life is the goal. It’s very clear.

If you go to the entire table of compounds that are found in healing foods and super foods and herbs, almost all of them are made out of carbon. So when these globalist say decarbonisation, they’re not just talking about eliminating carbon dioxide. They’re talking about eliminating life, life as we know it in the cosmos. And that’s because these W E Fers are satanists. They follow Lucifer. I think they worship Lucifer. And Lucifer is giving them orders of what to do. And this is about exterminating life on earth because life is an extension of the miracle of God. You know, the gift of life is a gift from God, and human beings are created in the image of God. And this is why Satanists or Luciferians or globalists, they hate humanity because human beings remind them of God. This is also why they hate babies. And they love abortion, child mutilations, so that those children can never have children of their own. That’s part of what the transgender agenda is all about. It all goes into the bucket of Satanism. You know, abortions, transgenderism, climate cult, lunacy. Anti humanism and transhumanism all that it’s in the bucket of Satanism. That’s where the globalists are operating from. And that’s why they want to decarbonize the planet, because that means extermination of all human beings.

Israel, depleted uranium and neutron bombs

All right now. All right, now, let’s turn our attention to the feature story of the day, which is this claim by Christopher Busby who is saying that there is evidence for the existence of neutron uranium warheads being used in Palestine by Israel. And that these warheads, he says, have been used before in Fallujah, as well as in Lebanon. And we’re gonna go into some detail here, but let’s set the stage so you understand why this matters.

Don’t forget, by the way that depleted uranium shells were sent by the United Kingdom to Ukrainian forces to be used in Ukraine. And depleted uranium is a form of uranium where certain isotopes have been removed, and it has very high density, and it is radioactive at some relatively low level. But most importantly, when DU shells strike targets they ignite because aerosolized uranium when it’s subjected to very high temperatures and pressures, I believe 600 to 700 degrees Celsius, it ignites into kind of a mini thermobaric bomb. And the reason these are used by tanks is because when a depleted uranium shell strikes another tank, the DU has the density to penetrate the tank’s armor, and once that shell penetrates the armor the uranium material is vaporized or aerosolized. It’s sprayed in essence inside the enemy tank where it ignites, creating a thermobaric bomb inside the tank, killing everybody inside instantly not just from the explosion, but the fire and the heat. And as you’ll hear in the upcoming interview with Chris Busby. The result is that you have soldiers in the tanks turned into crispy charred carcasses.

And then this depleted uranium continues to persist in the area where he was fired, and it becomes airborne. Because these particles are really microscopic, they’re on the nano scale, and they become airborne. And then these particles can be inhaled by people, and they are. When they’re inhaled, then they have what are called secondary effects. This is all explained by Chris Busby, coming up, by the way, but the secondary effects include something as I understand it, being transducers of background gamma, decay, radiation, and, in effect, translating that into photo electric energy inside the body, which can cause chromosomal damage at a small cluster of cells that are very near the uranium particles, which are typically lodged in the lungs or other places inside the body. So in other words, if you use depleted uranium on a battlefield, you are blanketing that country with airborne DU particles, some of which settle on the ground, but then are reintroduced into the air. And so they’re inhaled by people. And then these have long term health effects among the people, which includes genetic damage, so that’s one thing you need to know about depleted uranium.

Depleted Uranium consists almost entirely of uranium 238, which is the most prominent naturally occurring isotope which is the most prominent naturally occurring isotope of uranium. Now uranium 238 is radioactive. It’s not highly radioactive, it has a much longer half life than other isotopes of uranium, which means that it emits less energy in any given period of time, but it is radioactive. Uranium 235 is what’s typically desired for fissile material, which means it can carry out fission. And this is used to make weapons nuclear weapons that explode and release energy through the process of atomic fission. Or it can also be used to make nuclear fuel rods for nuclear power plants, which obviously, you know, produce heat and then electricity from conversion of mass into energy, but that’s uranium 235. Now, uranium 235, if you have a lot of it in a high concentration, that’s called enriched uranium, the enrichment means you’re enriching the U 235 isotope. When you enrich uranium, you are discarding non 235 uranium, which is typically like I said, 238. That 238 material is called depleted uranium. And that material is what is used by the military to make these weapons systems or shells in particular that are fired at enemy tanks like I just described. So, that’s the difference between depleted uranium and enriched uranium.

Now, what’s important to understand here is that you shouldn’t be finding extra enriched uranium in places like Fallujah, or Lebanon or Gaza, unless somebody is using some kind of a weapon system that is producing uranium 235 as a byproduct of the weapon. Now simply firing depleted uranium rounds in Gaza, which consists of uranium 238, this would not produce uranium 235. So what you’re about to hear as I go through this study from Chris Busby, and also the interview with him, what you’re about to hear should understand that much higher levels of uranium 235 cannot possibly be caused simply by the use of depleted uranium weapons, that would only produce uranium 238 on the battlefield. But what’s being found in Gaza, and in other locations is a much higher ratio of uranium 235 than is normal. And when I say normal, I’m referring to what are called naturally occurring isotopic ratios. So if you go dig up a bunch of dirt in your backyard, let’s say, you’re going to get some small amount of uranium. For every kilogram of dirt that you dig up. I think there’s something like one or two milligrams of uranium in every kilogram of dirt, just typically speaking, as an average, it’s a relatively small amount. However, if you take that uranium and you were to break it down into its isotopic ratios, then you would get mostly uranium 238, and a little bit at 235 and an even smaller amount of 234. Those ratios are known as the naturally occurring isotopic ratios, and, of course, many other elements, but not all have other naturally occurring isotopic ratios, as well. For example, lead. So if you look at the isotopes of lead, 208, 207, and 206, are the three most common isotopes that exists. I know, in our lab, when we run ICPMS analysis on lead, we typically look at 206, and sometimes 208. And as a food scientist, by the way, sometimes you have to choose an isotope for reasons that you may not imagine, sometimes we choose 206. And that’s because there can be isotopic interference based on… (doubly charged ions)…

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