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From climate zealotry to transgenderism, Trump worship and Christian Zionism, you are living in a world dominated by the groupthink of IRRATIONAL CULTS –


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From climate zealotry to transgenderism, Trump worship and Christian Zionism, you are living in a world dominated by the groupthink of IRRATIONAL CULTS

You’re living in a world that’s run by cults. Almost everybody out there is a member of one cult or another. You have the climate cult, which somehow believes that carbon dioxide is bad for the planet, even though carbon dioxide is necessary for photosynthesis and for all trees, grasses, and food crops to grow. Then you also have the LGBT cult that believes it’s okay to mutilate children in the name of transgenderism, or to chemically castrate them after convincing them that they must be the opposite gender. This is just a form of extreme child abuse. But the cult members push it as if it’s some form of enlightenment.

But cultism isn’t just limited to just liberals or progressives. There are plenty of cults on the right. There’s a Trump cult that believes Trump is our Savior, and that when he is reelected a third time that he will come back into power and all of America’s problems, including illegal immigration, wars, corruption, and everything else. There’s also a pro-Israel cult that’s reflected by many Christian Zionist in America who think that Israel’s mass bombing of Palestinians (and its conquering of a other Arab nations) is the pathway to the rebuilding of the temple and the return of Christ, which would allow Christians to live for 1000 years in a new Golden Age, apparently absent any Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists or anyone else.

There’s also the Q cult, which believes that white hats are secretly planning to save America through mass arrests, and that all the horrors being inflicted upon us are just part of an elaborate movie that we’re all supposed to watch so that we can be impressed when the truth comes out as a giant surprise. And then we are saved.

Notice what all these cults have in common? They all focus around the idea that we’re going to be saved by a force outside of ourselves. The Trump cult believes that Trump will save us. The climate cult believes that science will save us. There’s also a vaccine cult, of course, that believes that being jabbed with experimental biological weapons will also save us. The LGBT cult believes that transgenderism will set humanity free. And there are Satanic cults that believe Satanism is the best expression of human freedom. The Christian Zionist cult believes that violence is the answer to being saved by Christ. And there are all kinds of celebrity cults that believe various celebrities will save us if we just give them more power over the world.

The common theme here is that instead of understanding that it is your own actions that change the world around you, or that you can have a personal private relationship with God, and you don’t have to have intermediaries who are translating religious texts to tell you what they mean, the truth is that all these cults are seeking answers from outside themselves. And there’s a sense of desperation across all these cults. There’s irrational hope combined with desperation. They desperately need to be saved, and they want to put this irrational hope in an outside force to accomplish that. The answers they need are always found from outside, rather than from within. That’s why the weak minded tend to gravitate toward cults, because it absolves them of any responsibility tied to their own actions. Rather, they merely need to believe in the cult, and some outside force will deliver them to utopia if they only believe enough (and kill enough people, it seems).

Filtering the world to match your cult

There’s also a techno cult which believes in transhumanism and the merging of man with machines, and so they worship technology and artificial intelligence as their gods. Now, what all these cults have in common, is the rejection of rationality. Instead of looking at the world around them, and taking in evidence and observations (and processing them in a way that’s rooted in reason), they instead filter the world around them to be consistent with the beliefs of their cult. They reject any evidence that contradicts their cult, and they embrace everything that reinforces it.

As a result, they aren’t seeing the world for what it is. They’re looking at the world through extreme distortions. This is how transgender cultists, for example, can endorse a child being surgically mutilated in a hospital and claim that it’s progress rather than a crime. The horrors being inflicted upon these children are simply dismissed. And these trans cultists focus on their worldview, which is rooted in the bizarre belief that children should have their bodies altered and mutilated in order to be set free to express their true self.

Similarly, the Christian Zionist cult believes that children should be kinetically bombed and destroyed if they are Palestinian children, because this is the pathway to summoning Christ to return as their Savior. So the sacrificing of children in Gaza is a necessary step in order to bring their God back into existence. This belief, by the way, is no different from the beliefs of the ancient Aztecs, who sacrifice children on the stairs and altars of their civilization, sometimes stabbing and ripping open the chest of a child and ripping out their hearts. All completely carried out without anesthetic, of course, in order to try to appease their gods. Christian Zionist in America today are following in the exact same footsteps, sacrificing and murdering children in Gaza in order to summon their God back into existence, whom they falsely claim to be Christ, even though Christ would never condone the mass slaughter of innocent children.

On an even larger scale, the climate cult believes that the extermination of humankind is necessary for their god, sometimes known as Gaia, to be restored to all her glory. So mass death is necessary for the return of their god. Just as the Christian Zionists (falsely) believe that mass death is necessary for the return of Christ. Or just like Satanists believe that mass killing of human beings is necessary for the domination of Lucifer over the realm of Earth.

Humanity is a suicide cult

One thing that almost all these cults have in common is mass death or mass suicide, in order to create the conditions in which their Savior will reappear. I have said on previous occasions that humanity is a suicide cult. And that’s an observation based on some of what I’m talking about right now, which is that a great many people worship these various cults that all require mass death or human sacrifice in one form or another, in order to achieve the goals of the cult. There’s also an abortion cult in the United States and Israel and many other countries that believes murdering children in the womb is the pathway to achieve freedom for women, typically reproductive freedom or sexual freedom so that they can engage in sexual activities without consequences simply by sacrificing the lives of unborn human babies.

So climate lunatics are cultists, Q followers are cultists, Christian Zionists are cultists, transgenderism pushers are cultists, abortion worshipers are cultists, and transhumanism advocates are cultists. In fact, there are so many cults in existence right now that you would be hard pressed to meet someone who isn’t a member of one cult or another. And this is the horrifying upshot of this entire topic. You and I live in a world surrounded by people who are mostly cultists. They’re not rational. They don’t process information from the world around them in a way that is consistent. And they can’t be counted on to engage in rational behavior, or to act with reason. They simply are followers of their particular cult, and they will act out their daily activities in a way that furthers the interests of the cult they happen to worship. In other words, the transgenderism cult is going to prey on children and maim millions of them if they can get away with it. The Christian Zionist cult is going to attempt to slaughter hundreds of millions of Arabs while waging war with Muslims all over the world. The transhumanism cult is going to try to put AI in charge of the world after programming it to produce woke terminators who would exterminate humanity. And the climate cult seeks to create a global scientific dictatorship that would outlaw the very things that make human civilization sustainable, such as the consumption of energy, or the production of food.

They’re all death cults

That’s why when you look closely at all these cults, you find out that at the end of the day, they’re all death cults. They all in one way or another advocate or worship death. Through their actions, they seek mass death of either millions or billions of human beings. And no matter who you are, and no matter to what degree you operate with a sense of reason and rationality in your own life, even if you are a person of great fairness, or a person of compassion, even if you are moral and ethical yourself, sooner or later, you will be targeted by one or more of these death cults.

It could be a cult from the left or a cult from the right. It could be a technology cult, or a cult of culture, such as the LGBT cult. You will be targeted when you do not conform to the beliefs of that cult, and they will say that you do not have a right to exist, because you don’t support their cult-like beliefs.

We see this right now when Leftists claim that conservatives have no right to speak on the internet, or when Zionists claim Palestinians have no right to live. We see it when fascist progressives teach Critical Race Theory, which says that all whites are evil and should be oppressed, and we even have people like Ben Shapiro — a raging Zionist cultist — who celebrates corporate hiring quotas that select candidates based on whether they are Jews rather than their qualifications for the job.

Reject the cults and restore your humanity

So how do we avoid being suckered into these cults? It’s simple. You stick to core principles that reflect the way you would like to be treated in the world. If you want to be treated with a sense of peace and privacy, then respect other people’s peace and privacy. If you don’t want to be bombed to death, then don’t bomb other people to death. If you don’t want to be censored, then don’t censor others. If you don’t want to be murdered, then don’t murder others. Treat others the way you wish to be treated, and don’t demand that they join your particular cult.

For myself, I have universal respect for life. I respect the lives of children both born and unborn. I respect the lives of animals and plants. That’s why I’m not a hunter. That’s why I don’t use pesticides and herbicides. That’s why I grow food and protect plants and ecosystems and habitat for animals. It’s why I support the universal principle of life for people of all ethnicities and skin colors and religions. And I don’t demand that they all follow my religion by claiming that my religion is the one and only religion in the world, while declaring that everybody else is going to hell. (I hear that a lot from Christians by the way.)

Another important insight is that if you look at all the major world religions, if you really dig into their texts and their teachings, they all teach essentially the same things. And those are the things that I just mentioned. Respect life, respect each other, treat others the way you wish to be treated. We don’t have to distance ourselves from other people around the world just because they read a different book or speak a different language, or have a different skin color, or have different ways of celebrating certain holidays that are special to them. We simply have to agree on the core principles that I believe our divine creator imprinted into the very fabric of the cosmos: Life, consciousness, free will and universal compassion.

So if you truly want to be closer to God, stop being a member of a cult that claims to have an exclusive monopoly on a secret code to summoning God that involves ritualistic killing and violence against others. Instead, support life and peace and universal human rights. That alone will bring you closer to God, no matter what words or terms or books that you use to describe God, the Universal Creator of our cosmos. We don’t have to join a cult to be close to God. In fact, being a member of a cult no doubt earns you rejection from God.

There are no doubt many millions of Christian Zionists right now who think they are earning the favor of God by advocating the mass killing of women and children in Gaza. There will be a moment of great shock and horror when they one day discover — perhaps at their death — that they have been carrying out the agenda of Lucifer all along. Or, to put it bluntly, many Christians who think they are going to be “raptured” are actually going to Hell.

Instead of worshiping the principles of Christ, they worshiped a death cult. In the end, it turns out that you can’t kill your way to God’s favor. You can’t bomb your way to peace. And you can’t murder your way to salvation.

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Written by: radioroxi

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