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Despite warnings, Israel begins flooding Gaza tunnels with seawater –


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Israel’s previously considered plan to flood Gaza’s underground tunnel network, aiming to flush out and neutralize Hamas operatives, is now in motion.

According to reports from the Wall Street Journal, Israel has begun pumping seawater from the nearby Mediterranean Sea into the extensive tunnel complex in Gaza. This strategic move is part of a comprehensive effort to dismantle the underground infrastructure that has supported Hamas’ activities. (Related: WAR CRIME: Israel considering FLOODING Hamas tunnel networks under Gaza with seawater, possibly drowning Israeli hostages in the process.)

While initially viewed by many as a speculative military option due to the vast extent of the tunnels, the flooding process began around the time when Israel added additional pumps to those installed last month.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has not officially announced the commencement of the plan but has affirmed that these operations remain classified.

Concerns have been raised, including by some U.S. officials, about potential civilian casualties and further damage to Gaza’s infrastructure, particularly given the uncertain fate of hostages held by Hamas within the tunnel system.

The IDF has identified at least 800 tunnels, with the network believed to be larger than currently known.

The success of the pumping operation is uncertain, as the details of the tunnels and the surrounding ground are not fully known. (Related: Hamas’ sophisticated tunnel networks pose a significant challenge for Israel.)

There are apprehensions about the impact on Gaza’s water system, which is already compromised, and the potential for structural damage that could render areas uninhabitable for an extended period.

On a strategic level, the IDF is wary of sending infantry forces into the tunnels due to concerns about booby traps and the potential loss of firepower superiority.

The possibility of using chemical weapons, such as Sarin gas, has been discussed in the past, but it is deemed unlikely due to the unpredictable nature and potential civilian impact.

Flooding the tunnels may damage Gaza’s aquifer, expert warns

Eilon Adar, a professor from the Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research at Ben-Gurion University in southern Israel, expressed concerns about potential ecological damage to Gaza’s aquifer if the tunnels were flooded. He stressed that the impact would hinge on the quantity of seawater pumped and its infiltration into the subsurface.

Adar noted that a relatively small amount of seawater affecting the area between the Mediterranean coastline and the point where seawater and freshwater naturally mix might have minimal consequences.

However, he cautioned that if several million cubic meters were pumped into the tunnels and seeped into the aquifer, the negative impact on groundwater quality could last for several generations. Notably, he mentioned that Israel itself might not feel the effects significantly, as the coastal aquifer’s water predominantly flows from Israel to Gaza.

Other environmental experts are urging very careful consideration of the far-reaching environmental consequences associated with the now-in progress operation to inundate the extensive network of tunnels in the Gaza Strip with seawater.

In normal circumstances, rainwater replenishes subterranean storage areas, or aquifers, which are then tapped into through wells to provide drinking water. However, Gaza’s aquifer has been severely compromised by sewage and agricultural chemical runoff.

Alarmingly, 97 percent of the region’s freshwater no longer meets the water quality standards set by the World Health Organization.

Watch this clip of the IDF flooding the tunnels under Gaza with seawater.

This video is from the Cynthia’s Pursuit of Truth on

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