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Dane Wigington tells Mike Adams GEOENGINEERING is intended to destroy world agriculture and starve millions –


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Dane Wigington tells Mike Adams GEOENGINEERING is intended to destroy world agriculture and starve millions

Weather forecasters have warned about a brutal blast of cold Arctic air that is bringing dangerously frigid temperatures to swaths of North America. Per the National Weather Service, most of the United States is expected to be hit by the cold weather.

But for geoengineering expert Dane Wigington, this Arctic blast that is about to devastate America will destroy agriculture and usher in famine. He also attested that these geoengineering efforts, which include chemical ice nucleating cloud seeding, are already ongoing.

During a recent episode of the “Health Ranger Report,” host Mike Adams projected on a screen a climate map via Ventusky, an app with 3D images of the weather forecast, showing how the manipulated cold weather is about to hit the breadbasket of America.

“It’s Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and parts of Colorado. The food production in this area is massive. This is what feeds much of the United States,” the Health Ranger said. “In terms of wheat, corn, barley and all these things that are grown in the Midwest and the Upper Midwest, there are devastating temperatures here now.”

Wigington agreed, saying the soils are also so radically compromised that they’re nearly sterile. “When you kill soil microbiome, you turn what was soil into dirt. These types of flash freezes are being used to crush crops all over the globe,” he revealed.

The book author further cited how the Weather Channel and other weather cover-up agencies have been creating sensationalized headlines about the “deteriorating climate.” Wigington continued: “Now they are showing completely unnatural cold that almost it’s not getting much above the high 30s. Even during the day, just the temperature gauge sits at the same spot. It’s this pendulum that they swing back and forth and they’re completely derailing the climate system and this is not helping agriculture.”

He also exposed that the globalists are spraying defoliants, which are chemical dust or spray applied to plants to cause their leaves to drop off prematurely. There are also various toxic elements such as aluminum, barium, strontium, manganese and polymer fibers in the air. “You’ve probably seen news articles about how many microplastic particles are in a bottle of so-called clear drinking water. Those microplastics are part of climate engineering operations as well,” he said.

Globalists targeting food supply and manipulating climate to EXTERMINATE human race

At one point in the show, Adams acknowledged the fact that geoengineering is one of the most dangerous vectors because it affects every single person in every way possible. However, he said that coupled with the destruction of farms through regulations and government policies, these are evidently targeting the human race. (Related: The Dr. Hotze Report: Dane Wigington warns that GEOENGINEERING is the greatest and most immediate threat to humanity – Brighteon.TV.)

“Farmers in Germany are erupting right now with mass protests because the government is taking away the diesel fuel subsidies that made them competitive with other European nations,” Adams said, adding that the war on diesel and farm animals is also prevalent in the Netherlands, Ireland and all across Europe. “These, combined with geoengineering, are going to lead to global famine. It seems like it is 100 percent designed to starve billions of people.”

Wigington also tackled the atmospheric aerosol dispersion platforms that are already in place and already being utilized. According to him, they can at any moment of their choosing disperse something much more lethal.

“Polymer fibers and graphene are part of the elements that are showing up in our precipitation samples, both of those elements are used militarily for biological warfare as biological carrier platforms. So, we have no way of knowing at any given moment, what they’re dispersing into our skies.”

Adams also cited billionaire Bill Gates rolling out aerosolized vaccines. No more needles are required and they’re spraying all kinds of things in the air right now like malathion, a man-made organophosphate insecticide that is commonly used to control mosquitoes and a variety of insects that attack fruits, vegetables, landscaping plants and shrubs.

Both Wigington and Adams ultimately urged people to raise awareness of and speak up about the issue.

“It’s clear that the current governments of the world, many of which are illegitimate, stole their way into power. They consider the people to be the greatest threat. They don’t represent the people. They’re at war with the people,” the Health Ranger said. “The people should start to wake up and realize that the freezes will starve and make them desperate.”

Check out for more stories related to globalists’ weather manipulation push.

Watch the full episode of the “Health Ranger Report” with Mike Adams featuring Dane Wigington below.

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