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Colorado Supreme Court launches actual INSURRECTION against America with election de-platforming of Donald J. Trump –


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Colorado Supreme Court launches actual INSURRECTION against America with election de-platforming of Donald J. Trump

The following is a partial transcript of Brighteon Broadcast News for December 20, 2023, covering the breaking Colorado Supreme Court decision that deprives voters any ability to vote for Donald J. Trump for any political office. The full broadcast and interview will be found at this link:

We now have an actual insurrection in America, with the traitors leading the charge from the Supreme Court of the state of Colorado. Welcome to today’s broadcast of Brighteon Broadcast News. I’m Mike Adams. It’s Wednesday, December 20 2023. And the biggest breaking news probably in the world right now is that the Supreme Court of Colorado has declared, completely outside of due process, they have declared that President Trump is guilty of insurrection, and therefore he is disqualified from even appearing on the ballot for the President of the United States in the state of Colorado.

So in one decision, the clearly treasonous insurrectionist Supreme Court of the state of Colorado has declared that the voters of Colorado have no right to choose Donald J. Trump to represent them as president. This is extraordinary. And this is the tip of the iceberg of the real insurrection that is taking place in America right now. By the way, also today, I have an amazing interview for you with Dr. Michael Nehls. He’s the author of an extraordinary book that we have to talk about here. This book is called The Indoctrinated Brain, how to successfully fend off the global attack on your mental freedom. This book is amazing, and the interview with Dr. Nels was also amazing. He’s an MD and a PhD. He’s an expert in human neurology and brain disorders and mental health and so on.

What’s also amazing, I did three interviews today. I also interviewed Liz Gunn, who is the journalist and attorney who helped blow the whistle for Barry Young, the New Zealand database administrator who is now facing prison time for telling the truth about how vaccines were killing New Zealanders. I’ll play that tomorrow. And then I did the third interview today with another extraordinary man, a Qigong master, an author, someone who’s an expert in what’s called personal energy prepping. Francesco is his first time and we’re gonna play that interview real soon. But I gotta say, it was probably the best day of triple interviews that I can remember. You’ve got to hear this interview with Dr. Nehls, who is German. This is coming up here today. And it’s quite fitting, by the way based on today’s news, which is, of course all about the assault on your mental freedom and the psyops that are being run against us by the establishment.

Trump the victim of “election de-platforming” – a form of political censorship that should be utterly intolerable in a so-called “democracy”

Now, let’s back up for a second, the Supreme Court decision that says you no longer have the right to even vote for Trump. This was a four to three ruling. So the seven justices of the state of Colorado, they were all appointed by Democrat governors. So they’re all leftists. Even then, three of them wrote dissenting views. But four of them went along with it. It’s not based on anything resembling reason or justice or the rule of law, not when it comes to barring Trump. They would twist and bend and distort every possible thing to say that you can’t vote for Trump. And that’s what they’re saying now.

So this is the actual insurrection in America. This is the insurrection by the establishment, who rigged the election in 2020. They stole it from Trump, who was the rightful winner of the 2020 election. They installed Joe Biden. And then they turned the entire state apparatus against Donald Trump to try to criminalize him on anything they could drum up. The media has declared him to be an insurrectionist. But he’s never been charged with insurrection. Insurrection has never been proven to have occurred. And by the way, the very thing that he did, which was questioning the election, Democrats do it every time they lose. They routinely question the outcomes of elections in which they lose. I mean, Hillary Clinton can’t shut up about how she thinks the election was stolen from her by Trump and the Russians. And you know, Bush / Gore going back to 2000. You’ll never hear the end of the hanging chads. I mean, anytime Democrats lose, they claim elections were rigged, but only when Trump says it is it considered an actual criminal act, and it’s used to remove him them from the ballot?

Well, I gotta say, this decision by the Colorado Supreme Court is going to backfire in such a spectacular fashion, that I almost think they’re doing it on purpose. It’s almost like this is such an amazing marketing campaign in favor of Trump at this point. I mean, think about it. If you live in Colorado, and you hear this news, oh, you’re not allowed to vote for Trump? What’s your first inclination? I mean, it’s to say, hey “F-U”, I’m gonna vote for Trump. And I’m gonna write his name on the ballot. And it may even be the people who didn’t want to vote for Trump are now saying, Well, I’m gonna vote for Trump just because you say I can’t.

You know, that’s the American spirit right there. It’s like, oh, when you’re saying I can’t have a chocolate chip cookie, makes me want to have a chocolate chip cookie, and maybe two. I mean, even myself right now, as much as I have issues with Trump on various things, and I’ve covered before, like his crazy support for Israel’s bombing campaigns. And also, you know, Trump being in bed with Pfizer and so on. At this point, I hear this decision, and I’m like, Man, I would go vote for Trump, just to spite the Colorado Supreme Court and slap those people back into reality. You can’t tell us that we can’t vote for a man. I mean, this is supposed to be a constitutional republic, or as leftist say, Oh, it’s a democracy. Well, in a democracy, you’re supposed to be able to vote for whoever you want. But they’re telling you now you’re not allowed to vote for this one man, who, by the way, is not a criminal, who has never been convicted of insurrection or uprising or treason or traitorous activities.

But you know who you are allowed to vote for in America? The actual criminals. The Hillary Clintons, the Gavin Newsoms. You know, the, the corrupt Democrat governors and the Joe Bidens, you’re allowed to vote for them, even though Joe Biden is deeply involved in an influence peddling payola racket where he and Hunter collected tens of millions of dollars from China and from Ukraine and gas companies and corporations, it was all pay for play. It was all blatantly illegal. I mean, the Biden crime family is an actual criminal family. But they would never remove them from the ballot. Oh, no, no. Only Trump.

I call this election de-platforming. Because it’s the same thing as censorship on big tech platforms. I mean, think about it. The Democrats push censorship. It’s the Biden White House colluding with big tech that has pushed all the censorship where they’re claiming that the public is not even allowed to hear your arguments or your side of the debate on anything, you know, vaccines, climate, money printing, politics, Ukraine, Russia, anything. Your views are not allowed to be heard. You’ve been de-platformed off of Facebook and Twitter. Or Vimeo, or YouTube or whatever, you’ve been de-platformed, because the Democrats can’t handle a debate. They can’t allow people to speak. Just like with elections. Now. It’s clear they can’t allow people to vote.

Democrats are terrified of allowing the American people to vote

Why are they terrified of the people voting? Why? I think the answer is becoming rather obvious. Because at this point, Joe Biden is such a miserable failure. And Donald Trump is gaining so rapidly in popularity, that there’s probably enough support right now in America to out vote the election fraud that the Democrats plan to commit.

This is why out of sheer desperation, they’re now trying to remove Trump from the ballot because they can’t even cheat enough anymore to outnumber the uprising of people who are fed up with the Democrats. Now they have to remove Trump from the ballot and make it technically impossible for Trump to be elected.

This is an actual insurrection being carried out by the Colorado Supreme Court. And I’m even suspicious about their decision. I’m suspicious about two possible plays that may be at work here. Number one, it’s almost like they’re trying to provoke a civil war. They want a civil war, they want an uprising. They want a real insurrection, but we should make sure, of course, that we don’t fall for that. We should peacefully but firmly, number one, protest against this decision. And we should strongly support Trump’s right to be on the ballot, even if we don’t support Trump as individuals, you should still support his right to be on the ballot, because that’s what democracy or a constitutional republic is supposed to be about.

But I almost feel like this is bait, like they’re trying to trigger a civil war uprising. And they tried that with January 6, of course, which we now know was completely contrived. There were over 100 undercover federal agents running that operation, the FBI was involved, the Capitol Police were involved. And the Secret Service was involved. That was a plot to try to destroy Trump to steal the election, and then imprison Trump and all of his supporters. That’s what that plot was. And that was run by Nancy Pelosi and the Capitol Police and a bunch of crooked senators and people in high places, we now know that. It was a total theatrical operation, a staged insurrection. And if you think about it, it failed to set off the civil war that they wanted.

So now, they’re trying again, this is kind of like the same way that NATO keeps trying to provoke Russia. You know, NATO keeps announcing new weapons, and we’re going to have F-16s. We’re going to have you know, M triple sevens, we’re going to have artillery, we’re gonna have HIMARS long range missiles. And what they’re really saying is Russia, please nuke us, so that we can play the role of the victims. And then we can declare Russia launched a nuclear war and the world has to condemn Russia, we must all attack Russia. I mean, that’s what this is all about. And Ukraine is trying to provoke Russia into an escalation, because this is how the State Department operates.

They’re trying to do the same thing domestically. They’re trying to provoke Trump supporters to get you know, hopping mad, which, again, I urge you not to react emotionally to this. If anything, we should react with some laughter at this point. But they’re trying to get the American people to be so hopping mad that they get a bunch of Trump supporters to rise up with with guns or something in Colorado. And then they can stage … I wouldn’t be surprised if the FBI is about ready to roll out a bunch of actors. You know, another one of these federal groups running around with Nazi flags and wearing khakis and masks, they always wear masks, because of course, they’re all FBI agents, or they are recruited by the FBI, they will never show who they really are, because they’re all fake. They’re all actors. But you can bet they’re gonna assemble a bunch of actors here, to run around the Colorado Supreme Court building with a bunch of Nazi flags, so that CNN can be there to film that and say, look, oh, my God, there’s an actual insurrection now, in Colorado.

That’s what they’re planning and they hope to recruit some gullible people to go along with it. Like they did on January 6, a few people went along and entered the Capitol building. And some people, you know, stole a podium or whatever. They hope to get people in Colorado to go along with his insurrection and cause a fire or something and then they can declare martial law. Then they can cancel the 2024 election, and they might even get away with it. This is the plan, folks. This is bait, and I say Don’t take the bait. You’re being triggered on purpose. They’re trying to get you to overreact.

But I think what they’ve actually accomplished here is they’ve just lit a fire under the Trump support base in Colorado. At this point, if you’re a Trump supporter, you are probably more motivated than ever to put Trump signs in your yard. To write in Trump’s name on the ballot if you have to, to monitor the ballot counting because you know, it’s Colorado they’re gonna try to cheat, the Democrats are going to run the same operation as before. You know, they’re going to flood the zone with mail in ballots, and they’re gonna have ballot stuffing and ballot harvesting and ballot mules. They’re gonna do everything they can to try to keep Joe Biden in office, even though of course, he shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

But I think that this is just going to motivate Trump supporters, even more than they were motivated already.

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