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China is triggering CONFLICTS around the world, alleges Col. John Mills –


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China is triggering CONFLICTS around the world, alleges Col. John Mills

Former military officer and author Col. John Mills told host Brannon Howse during the Oct. 31 episode of the “Worldview Report” that China is triggering conflicts around the world.

Mills described China as the new arsonist-in-chief, setting brush fires around the world to degrade, distract and take away American resources and capabilities. The retired U.S. Army colonel and author said the same thing happened in Ukraine and recently the Middle East.

According to Mills, the shoving and pushing contest is spinning out of control in the Philippines. He explained that two shoals are being disputed there, including the Scarborough Shoal located about 123 miles east of the former U.S. naval base in Subic Bay, which is at the Philippine province of Zambales. (Related: China using military lasers to BLIND Philippine Coast Guard ship crews.)

“There’s no shooting going on yet, but it is serious pushing, shoving and grinding between these different boats at the shoals and these are 100 miles off. It’s well within what’s called the economic zone of the Philippines,” Mills said.

Mills also mentioned the pushing and shoving contest between China and the Philippines at the Second Thomas Shoal, also known as Ayungin (silver perch) Shoal. The retired military officer thinks the ultimate goal of the Chinese is to take the western island province of Palawan.

“So, what is China up to? They want to take the shoals, but I think the next move is Palawan. And that’s a long, narrow island. It’s relatively unguarded and kind of the central Philippines. I think this is going to be China’s next move,” Mills said.


“But the Filipinos are heroic in standing up to the Chinese, and we do have different defense treaties. And the current president of the Philippines, Mr. [Ferdinand] Marcos [Jr.], is very serious about standing his ground and they are doing it heroically with what little resources they have.”

Mills: Lack of American leadership to resolve the real issue

Howse mentioned a Newsweek article by Gordon Chang titled “America’s Failed Deterrence of China Has Left Us With Only Bad Options,” which talks about the Chinese vessels that rammed Filipino boats on Oct. 22.

The host noted that China harassing the Philippines could drag the U.S. into another conflict. He explained that the U.S. has an ironclad agreement with the Philippines that if the Southeast Asian nation gets into trouble, America must come to its defense.

“There’s another great way to throw America into another controversy, divide our resources and our troops,” Howse said. “We have to come to their defense. So, another great way to throw us off into something else.

Mills also mentioned that Panama is a very messy situation with multiple factions involved, but it could be cleared up if Americans had passionate, visible, demonstrative U.S. leadership in its front yard.

Howse said if China could get a hold of the Panama Canal, shipments going to America might be affected. Mills agreed, adding that it would asphyxiate America. He ultimately pointed out that the real issue is the lack of American leadership and resolve.

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Watch the clip from “Worldview Report” where Col. John Mills puts in his two cents on China’s excursions around the world with Brannon Howse.

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