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Brad Miller says people’s patriotism has been WEAPONIZED against them – Brighteon.TV –


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Merritt Medical Hour: Brad Miller says people’s patriotism has been WEAPONIZED against them – Brighteon.TV

Former Army officer Brad Miller has lamented the fact that people’s patriotism has been weaponized against them. He expressed this sentiment during a recent episode of the “Merritt Medical Hour” on Brighteon.TV.

“What has happened is [that] we’ve had people … in the medical community [whose] desire to help people has been weaponized against them,” Miller told the Medical Rebel Dr. Lee Merritt.

“In the military, people’s patriotism has been weaponized against them. When you want to talk about people’s patriotism being weaponized against them, it’s not just [in] the military. There were plenty of people in a regular, general community who also told you, not just ‘you’re a threat to grandma,’ but ‘if you love your country, you’ve got to to do this, you got to stop the spread, you got to go take the shots, wear a mask or whatever.'”

Merritt, meanwhile, discussed the works of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines. Gates was a friend of the late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, and had bankrolled many things that people are worried about today. Miller responded that it is unfortunate that the narrative about philanthropy espoused by Gates and his fellow billionaires has worked with a lot of people.

“It’s all philanthropic. It’s all ‘We’re doing this for the greater good, and then we’ll get people to do things for the good of your fellow man,'” the Medical Rebel remarked. “That’s exactly what they’ve been saying forever.”

Miller then recounted reading about the Chinese book “Unrestricted Warfare” and analyzing it in terms of a person’s thinking. Actions perpetrated by America’s enemies against it can also be done by the ones in power against the people. People need to be aware of such actions, he added, as war is not just physically kinetic.


According to Miller, war is a phenomenon as there is something metaphysical about it. He explained: “It’s not a metaphor; it’s very literal. Now, it may not be kinetic in the sense that we think of tanks and bombs, … but that doesn’t make it any less literal.”

Merritt: Americans living in a FALSE REALITY

“I think we live in a world that’s far stranger than most people want to acknowledge,” Miller remarked. The “Merritt Medical Hour” host agreed with this sentiment, adding that Americans are living in “The Truman Show” – a blueprint for a false reality. The 1998 movie starred comedian Jim Carrey and was directed by Peter Weir.

According to Merritt, part of this false reality is the idea that the U.S., the U.K. and Canada are good. In contrast – Russia, China and North Korea are portrayed as evil. Aside from these, some other things have been put in place to make the world a false reality.

She noted that even inside the scientific world, there is a whole reality of science that is not right. Medical and scientific publishing had been controlled and owned by the intelligence services before World War II. Aside from this, Merritt also said there are other things the cabal owns that people don’t realize are playing that make the narrative possible even in warfare.

Miller agreed and he believes that a lot of people don’t realize the extent of this false reality that has been constructed. The former Army officer added that for the past couple of years, people have been operating completely in a false reality that has impacted their daily lives. He said: “So we live in a world now where the lines are truly blurred between what is real and what is fake.” (Related: Deep state using alliances with big tech companies to push more people to believe in false narratives.)

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Watch the Nov. 1 episode of the “Merritt Medical Hour” below. The “Merritt Medical Hour” airs every Wednesday at 7-8 p.m. and Saturday at 2 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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