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BBC blasted for ‘cold and callous’ row with Palestinian ambassador hours after death of family


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The BBC and Newsnight interviewer Kirsty Wark have been blasted as “heartless”, “rude” and “unprofessional” for a recent interview with Palestinian ambassador Husam Zomlot.

Zomlot joined Wark days after terrorist group Hamas broke through the Israeli barrier at the Gaza Strip, with the subsequent death toll of said attack believed to be around 900.

Israel air strikes have followed on the Gaza Strip with the air force claiming it successfully hit 200 of its targets, resulting in a death toll of more than 700 according to Palestinian authorities.

The Israeli army has claimed 1,500 bodies were recovered following the initial attack by Hamas terrorists with over 100 hostages thought to be held by the group as it stands, while Israel has cut off all water, supplies and electricity to Gaza.

Zomlot and Wark discussed the increasing death toll in Gaza following the violence that ensued before the BBC presenter touched upon the fact several of Zomlot’s family had died as a result in Gaza.

The ambassador delved into the details: “They were just sitting in their home and they were simply bombarded – their entire building was brought down.

“My cousin, her two children, her husband, her mother-in-law and two other relatives died immediately, were killed instantly.

“And two of their youngest children, twins, two years old, are now in intensive care – this is truly heartbreaking.”

Palestinian ambassador

Palestinian ambassador Zomlot was irked by Wark’s questions


Zomlot went on to say the two children were now “simply sitting ducks for the Israeli war machine” with “nowhere to go” before Wark weighed in to apologise for his “personal loss”.

“Can I just be clear though,” she caveated. “You cannot condone the killing of civilians in Israel, can you? Nor the kidnap of families?”

Zomlot hit back instantly to say he and the rest of the Palestinian Mission were “very clear” in their “rejection” of “targeting and harming of civilians on all sides”.

He went on to say that he and his colleagues have done “everything in their power to find a different path” that would avoid violence and garner peace.

But Wark continued to probe Zomlot for his personal condemnation of Hamas’ actions, including the reports that they threatened to kill hostages in their grip.

“Hostages must be protected and must be made safe and kept safe, absolutely, this is no discussion whatsoever,” he snapped back at Wark before insisting Israel must “immediately cease targeting civilians”.

Wark then probed for Zomlot’s reaction to the UK and others in Europe stopping aid to Palestine in the wake of Hamas’ attack.

“That would be very, very counter-productive,” Zomlot replied. “They will do exactly what Israel is doing, the collective punishment of the people who have nothing to do with it.

“My cousin is not Hamas!” he passionately continued. “These kids, four and two, they have nothing to do with Hamas. Everybody’s silly ideas in the world are punishing people who have nothing to do with this.”

But as Zomlot’s retort became more animated, Wark interrupted and remarked that children had also died in Israel.

Kirsty Wark

Kirsty Wark grilled Zomlot on Hamas


Wark’s seeming lack of compassion and continual probes for a “soundbite” has led to thousands online slamming her demeanour and the BBC for allowing such a debate to be aired.

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, one viewer said of the interview: “Kirsty Wark is cold and callous as she interrogates Palestinian ambassador Husam Zomlot over the massacre of 6 members of his family.

“What an utter disgrace the BBC has become. This is chilling,” they added before a second echoed: “One of the more abject interviews I’ve seen.

“To talk so heartlessly to someone who discloses losing family members and still has to maintain civil in the face of such belligerent agenda is utterly depraved,” they concluded before a third weighed in: “BBC presenters are rude & unprofessional.

“Zomlot is being subjected to provocative/loaded questions less than a day after losing family. kirsty wark continually interrupts him when he makes points about the broader/historic situation.”

Another said of the discussion: “This is the most disgusting and twisted interview I’ve ever seen. Kirsty Wark, the BBC and everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves.

“He did unbelievably well to deal with this attack of lies so calmly,” they signed off before a fifth fumed: “BBC is sickening not a minute of pause, reflection or genuine regret for this man losing his family in Gaza she brushes it aside constantly bringing up Israeli.”

Elsewhere, another commented: “Seriously? Can BBC interviewers not hear themselves? Presented with the murder of Palestinian civilians, their reaction is not to condemn it but to affirm the humanity of Israeli victims and to demand that the grieving Palestinian condemn Hamas, not those who murdered his family.” (sic)

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Written by: radioroxi

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