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BBC accused of escalating Elgin Marbles crisis by referring to them by their ‘Greek name’


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The BBC have begun referring to the Elgin Marbles as the Parthenon Marbles during its coverage of the ongoing diplomatic feud between the UK and Greece.

Discussing the enduring row on Radio 4’s Today show, presenter Justin Webb referred to the treasures as “the Parthenon Marbles, formerly known as the Elgin Marbles”.

Later in the show, he described them as “sculptures that used to be known as the Elgin Marbles and are now referred to as the Parthenon Marbles”.

The BBC has said there is no style guide on the subject and presenters can refer to them as they wish.


The BBC has said there is no style guide on the subject and presenters can refer to them as they wish


The British museum, where the treasures have been held for over 200 years, also now calls them the Parthenon Sculptures.

The pieces of art in question are a collection of Ancient Greek sculptures originating from the Parthenon, an ancient Greek temple.

They were given their more wider-known name, the Elgin Marbles, after Thomas Bruce, Earl of Elgin, who procured the antiquities in the 18th century.

Former Brexit Party MEP Rupert Lowe has accused the BBC of “undermining the British position” over the Elgin Marbles crisis.

Speaking to GB News, he said: “The BBC is a cancer at the heart of Britain. It stokes division and is no longer impartial as required by its charter.

“This is just another example of why it should be defunded and made to stand on its own two feet as a subscription service. Mr Reith will be turning in his grave!


“They are undermining the British position from a monopolistic position funded by a compulsory licence fee.”

Yesterday, Rishi Sunak sparked fury from the Greek Prime Minister after cancelling a meeting between the two at the last minute.

The meeting was due to take place at 12.45pm yesterday, however after Sunak pulled out, Deputy PM Oliver Dowden stepped in to lead the negotiations.

However, Kyriakos Mitsotakis refused the alternative meeting, telling reporters that he was “deeply disappointed by the abrupt cancellation”.

Sunak was reportedly “irritated” at Mitsokasis’ assertation that not giving Greece back the collection would be the same as cutting the Mona Lisa in half.

Asked if Sunak recognises that characterisation, his spokesman said: “Obviously it’s not something we would agree with.

Former Brexit Party MEP Rupert Lowe has accused the BBC of ‘undermining the British position’ over the Elgin Marbles crisis


“These were legally acquired at the time, they’re legally owned by the trustees of the museum. We support that position and there’s no plan to change the law which governs it.”

Mitsokasis’ comments were made during an interview with BBC’s Today programme, where he told Laura Kuenssberg that he wanted the treasures returned to the place where they were originally carved, 2,500 years ago.

He said: “They do look better in the Acropolis Museum, a state-of-the-art museum that was built for that purpose.

“This is not a question of returning artefacts whose ownership we question. We feel that the sculptures belong to Greece and that they were essentially stolen but this is not, in my mind, an ownership question. This is a reunification argument.

“Where can you best appreciate what is essentially one monument? It’s as if I told you that you would cut the Mona Lisa in half and have half of it at the Louvre and half of it at the British Museum.”

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