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56% of American voters believe CHEATING is LIKELY to happen in 2024 elections –


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Poll: 56% of American voters believe CHEATING is LIKELY to happen in 2024 elections

More than half of American voters believe that cheating is likely to happen in the 2024 presidential election, dealing a major blow to election integrity.

The survey by Rasmussen Reports polled 1,029 U.S. voters between Nov. 13 and Nov. 15, asking a critical question: “How likely is it that the outcome of the 2024 presidential election will be affected by cheating?”

A staggering 56 percent of participants believe that cheating is likely to happen, with 31 percent going further to say vote fraud is “very likely.” Moreover, 51 percent of respondents believe mail-in ballots make it easier to cheat. (Related: Myra Adams shares wild PLOT TWISTS that could upend 2024 presidential election.)

According to the Heritage Foundation’s Election Fraud Database, proven instances of voter fraud list nearly 1,500 cases with over 1,200 criminal convictions over the year and with different politicians.

Given this, Americans who think there might be voter fraud in 2024 are likely the same ones who believe that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from former President Donald Trump. Dishonest and rigged elections through the years have only bolstered their belief that the integrity of the American electoral system is compromised.

“To restore confidence in our elections, we need to enact a single day of voting, require voter identification, adopt paper ballots only and require that hand-tabulated results are announced within 24 hours. Acceptable exceptions for military personnel and the disabled are assumed,” wrote Laura Wellington for the Western Journal.


Glitches in PA Superior Court judge elections only fuel speculation of rigged polls

The doubts American voters have over the system aren’t unfounded, as voting machines enter the picture once more. In one instance, voting machines in Pennsylvania experienced technical glitches during the state’s election for its Superior Court judges in early November.

Lehigh Valley News reported that on Nov. 7, the ES&S ExpressVote XL machines mistakenly swapped the votes for Democrat Judge Jack Panella and Republican Judge Victor Stabile. A press release by the Northampton County Elections Office (NCEO) said whenever a voter selected a “Yes” or a “No” for one of the two candidates to be retained on the Superior Court, the selection would record a vote for the opposing candidate on both the paper ballot and the voting machine.

But the NCEO clarified that “the issue is limited to the retention of Superior Court judges and is only an issue when recording the votes for when a voter selected a ‘yes’ for one candidate and a ‘no’ for another candidate.”

To make things worse, a mistake in the programming of the voting machines swapped the names of two judges on the verification slip. ES&S also explained that an employee also mislabeled Superior Court races when deciding how they would appear on paper backups.

In a news conference, Northampton County Director of Administration Charles Dertinger revealed that voters noticed the problem around 7 a.m., leading to several polling places using emergency paper ballots and the voting machines being temporarily taken offline by poll workers.

Despite the technical glitches on that day, officials still continued the election. They assured the public that the glitches were just a minor issue, but then, after multiple incidents of election fraud in the past, voters now question the reliability of these voting machines.

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Watch Ivan Raiklin warn Dan Happel of a cover-up that will follow a steal of the 2024 election on the Brighteon.TV program “Connecting The Dots.”

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